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May 2016
Scientific News
The Rise of 3D Cell Culture and in vitro Model Systems for Drug Discovery and Toxicology
An overview of the current technology and the challenges and benefits over 2D cell culture models plus some of the latest advances relating to human health research.
Alzheimer’s Protein Serves as Natural Antibiotic
Alzheimer's-associated amyloid plaques may be part of natural process to trap microbes, findings suggest new therapeutic strategies.
Vitamin A May Help Improve Pancreatic Cancer Chemotherapy
The addition of high doses of a form of vitamin A could help make chemotherapy more successful in treating pancreatic cancer, according to an early study by Queen Mary University of London (QMUL).
Breakthrough Approach to Breast Cancer Treatment
Scripps scientists have designed a drug candidate that decreases growth of breast cancer cells.
Non-Toxic Approach to Treating Variety of Cancers
A team of researchers at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine recently discovered a novel, non-toxic approach to treating a wide variety of cancers.
Making Injectable Medicine Safer
Researchers remove excess additives from drugs, which could reduce the odds of serious allergic reactions and other side effects.
An Old-New Weapon Against Emerging Chikungunya Virus
Researchers utilize existing drugs to interfere with host factors required for replication of Chikungunya virus.
Brazilian Zika Virus Strain Causes Birth Defects in Experimental Models
First direct experimental proof of causal effect, researchers say.
'Kidney on a Chip' Facilitates Safer Drug Dosing
University of Michigan researchers have used a "kidney on a chip" device to mimic the flow of medication through human kidneys and measure its effect on kidney cells.
Ketamine Metabolism Lifts Depression
NIH-funded team finds rapid-acting, non-addicting agent in mouse study.
ISEV Annual Meeting 2016
04 May 2016 - 07 May 2016
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
ISEV Annual Meeting 2016
More information
09 May 2016 - 09 May 2016
Milton Keynes, UK
1-day Absolute Basics of GC & GC-MS
More information
High Content & Phenotypic Screening
10 May 2016 - 11 May 2016
Cambridge, UK
High Content & Phenotypic Screening
More information
10 May 2016 - 13 May 2016
Milton Keynes, UK
4-day Hands-on Sample Preparation
More information
10 May 2016 - 10 May 2016
Milton Keynes, UK
1-day Hands-on Headspace
More information
11 May 2016 - 11 May 2016
Milton Keynes, UK
1-day Hands-on Solid-Phase Micro-Extraction (SPME)
More information
12 May 2016 - 13 May 2016
London, UK
Advances in Immuno-oncology Congress 2016
More information
12 May 2016 - 12 May 2016
Milton Keynes, UK
1-day Hands-on Thermal Desorption (TD)
More information
13 May 2016 - 13 May 2016
Milton Keynes, UK
1-day Hands-on Pyrolysis
More information
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