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October 2015
Scientific News
Enzyme Malfunction May be Why Binge Drinking Can Lead to Alcoholism
A new study in mice shows that restoring the synthesis of a key brain chemical tied to inhibiting addictive behavior may help prevent alcohol cravings following binge drinking.
Developing a Gel that Mimics Human Breast for Cancer Research
Scientists at the Universities of Manchester and Nottingham have been funded to develop a gel that will match many of the biological structures of human breast tissue, to advance cancer research and reduce animal testing.
Lung Repair and Regeneration Gene Discovered
New role for hedgehog gene offers better understanding of lung disease.
New Gene Therapy for Vision Loss From a Mitochondrial Disease
NIH-funded study shows success in targeting mitochondrial DNA in mice.
Self-Propelled Powder to Stop Bleeding
UBC researchers have created the first self-propelled particles capable of delivering coagulants against the flow of blood to treat severe bleeding, a potentially huge advancement in trauma care.
Tension Helps Heart Cells Develop Normally in the Lab
Stanford engineers have uncovered the important role tension plays in growing heart cells out of the body.
Controlling Body Temperature in Response to 'Fight or Flight'
New research in The FASEB Journal suggests that blocking TRPV1 protein causes an increased release of noradrenaline, leading to an increase in core body temperatures.
Inroads Against Leukaemia
Potential for halting disease in molecule isolated from sea sponges.
Researchers Disguise Drugs As Platelets to Target Cancer
Researchers have for the first time developed a technique that coats anticancer drugs in membranes made from a patient’s own platelets.
A Fundamental Protection Mechanism Against Formalin In Mammals is Revealed
Formaldehyde, or formalin, is well known to all of us as a common chemical used in many industrial processes and also as a preservative, remarkably we also produce formaldehyde in our bodies.
29 Sep 2015 - 01 Oct 2015
2nd Annual Patient Recruitment and Retention Summit Asia - Emerging Markets
More information
29 Sep 2015 - 01 Oct 2015
Mumbai, India
Global Drug Formulation Summit
More information
05 Oct 2015 - 08 Oct 2015
The Open University, Walton Hall, Milton Keynes, MK7 6AA
GC & GC-MS Hands-on Sample Preparation
More information
9th Biomarkers in Drug Discovery & Development
05 Oct 2015 - 06 Oct 2015
Berlin, Germany
9th Biomarkers in Drug Discovery & Development
More information
06 Oct 2015 - 08 Oct 2015
Hannover, Germany
More information
Nordic Pharmacovigilance Day
06 Oct 2015 - 06 Oct 2015
Copenhagen, Denmark
Nordic Pharmacovigilance Day
More information
12 Oct 2015 - 16 Oct 2015
University of Nottingham, School of Biosciences, Sutton Bonington Campus, Sutton Bonington, Leicestershire, LE12 5RD
Complete Gas Chromatography & GC-Mass Spectrometry Training
More information
15 Oct 2015 - 18 Oct 2015
Antalya, Turkey
2nd International Congress on Stem Cell and Cellular Therapies
More information
16 Oct 2015 - 16 Oct 2015
Dijon, France
The expanding Toolbox of Medicinal Chemistry - from Chemical Biology to Clinical Applications
More information
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