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Antibody & ELISA Kits (133)Apoptosis & Cell Proliferation Assays (3)
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Immunotoxicology Assays (0)Inhibition Kits (0)
Metabolism Profiling (3)Nuclear Receptor ADME Assays (0)
Plasma Protein Binding Assays (0)Redox Potential Assays (0)
Reporter Gene Assays (0)SPR Assay Kits (1)
Toxicity Assays (15)
Contract Research Services (0)
ADME Services (4)DMPK Services (0)
High Content Screening (1)Toxicology Services (0)
Instruments & Systems (0)
Amplifiers (3)Barcode Labellers (1)
Chromatography Systems (0)Cytometers (1)
Electrophysiology (2)ELISA (1)
Flourescence Microscopes (0)High-Content Imaging Instruments (3)
Immunoassay Systems (0)Incubators (0)
Microplate Readers (40)Microplate Washers (6)
MS Based Systems (0)Nephelometers (1)
Patch Clamp Systems (3)Plate Sealers (4)
Plate Stacking Systems (1)Software (2)
SPR (2)
Scientific News
Experimental Drug Cancels Effect from Key Intellectual Disability Gene
A University of Wisconsin—Madison researcher who studies the most common genetic intellectual disability has used an experimental drug to reverse — in mice — damage from the mutation that causes the syndrome.
Common Class of Cancer Drugs May Not Lead to Cognitive Decline
UCLA study refutes 2015 research suggesting anthracyclines could cause memory loss, other impairments.
Designing Better Drugs
A rational drug engineering approach could breathe new life into drug development.
Genetic Approach May Lead to New Treatments for Digestive Diseases
Researchers at UMass Medical School have identified a new molecular pathway critical for maintaining the smooth muscle tone that allows the passage of materials through the digestive system.
Potential Target for Revolutionary Antibiotics
An international team of including the Lomonosov Moscow State University researchers discovered which enzyme enables Escherichia coli bacterium (E. coli) to breathe.
Unique Model for Studying ALS
Unique mouse model will allow researchers to better study the genetic origins and potential treatments of ALS.
Factors Influencing Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness Uncovered
The long-held approach to predicting seasonal influenza vaccine effectiveness may need to be revisited, new research suggests.
New Model to Enhance Zika Virus Research
The model will allow researchers to better understand how the virus causes disease and aid in the development of antiviral compounds and vaccines.
Activating Cancer-Killing Immune Cells
A UCL research team have discovered that cutting off a sleep-switch on immune cells inside a tumour wakes up the cells and enables the immune system to hunt down and destroy cancer.
Reprogramming Scorpion Venom
‘Twist of nature’ neutralizes toxin.

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