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October 2015
Scientific News
Ancestors of Land Plants Were Wired to Make the Leap to Shore
When the algal ancestor of modern land plants made the transition from aquatic environments to an inhospitable shore 450 million years ago, it changed the world by dramatically altering climate and setting the stage for the vast array of terrestrial life.
Photosynthesis Gene Could Help Crops Grow in Adverse Conditions
A gene that helps plants to remain healthy during times of stress has been identified by researchers at Oxford University.
Pancreatic Cancer Stem Cells Could be "Suffocated" by Anti-diabetic Drug
A new study shows that pancreatic cancer stem cells (PancSCs) are virtually addicted to oxygen-based metabolism, and could be “suffocated” with a drug already used to treat diabetes.
Scientists Learn How to Predict Plant Size
VIB and UGent scientists have developed a new method which allows them to predict the final size of a plant while it is still a seedling.
Scientists Home In On Origin Of Human, Chimpanzee Facial Differences
A study of species-specific regulation of gene expression in chimps and humans has identified regions important in human facial development and variation.
Nanoporous Gold Sponge Makes Pathogen Detector
Sponge-like nanoporous gold could be key to new devices to detect disease-causing agents in humans and plants, according to UC Davis researchers.
Genetic Manipulation for Algal Biofuel Production
Studies of the genes involved in oil synthesis in microalgae allow scientists to use a gene promoter to increase algal production of triacylglycerols, which in turn enhances potential biofuel yields.
Phosphorous Fertilizer
UD researchers identify behaviors of nanoparticle that shows promise as nanofertilizer.
Marijuana Genome Unraveled
A study by Canadian researchers is providing a clearer picture of the evolutionary history and genetic organization of cannabis, a step that could have agricultural, medical and legal implications for this valuable crop.
Grape Waste Could Make Competitive Biofuel
The solid waste left over from wine-making could make a competitive biofuel, University of Adelaide researchers have found.
05 Oct 2015 - 08 Oct 2015
The Open University, Walton Hall, Milton Keynes, MK7 6AA
GC & GC-MS Hands-on Sample Preparation
More information
06 Oct 2015 - 08 Oct 2015
Hannover, Germany
More information
08 Oct 2015 - 08 Oct 2015
New Delhi, India
7th Indo Global Summit and Expo on Food & Beverages
More information
12 Oct 2015 - 16 Oct 2015
University of Nottingham, School of Biosciences, Sutton Bonington Campus, Sutton Bonington, Leicestershire, LE12 5RD
Complete Gas Chromatography & GC-Mass Spectrometry Training
More information
15 Oct 2015 - 18 Oct 2015
Antalya, Turkey
2nd International Congress on Stem Cell and Cellular Therapies
More information
Synthetic Biology
20 Oct 2015 - 21 Oct 2015
London, UK
Synthetic Biology
More information
Advances in Plant Genomics (APG 2015)
21 Oct 2015 - 21 Oct 2015
Virtual Event
Advances in Plant Genomics (APG 2015)
More information
22 Oct 2015 - 25 Oct 2015
Shenzhen, China
The 10th International Conference on Genomics
More information
25 Oct 2015 - 30 Oct 2015
Foz do Iguaçu. Brazil
IPMB 2015
More information
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