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October 2015
Scientific News
13 Ways to Stop an Unseen Force from Disrupting Weighing
Download a free Mettler Toledo paper to discover how to halt static’s negative effects before the next weigh-in.
Inroads Against Leukemia
Potential for halting disease in molecule isolated from sea sponges.
A New Single-Molecule Tool to Observe Enzymes at Work
A team of scientists at the University of Washington and the biotechnology company Illumina have created an innovative tool to directly detect the delicate, single-molecule interactions between DNA and enzymatic proteins.
Milestone Single-Biomolecule Imaging Technique May Advance Drug Design
The first nanometer resolved image of individual tobacco mosaic virions shows the potential of low-energy electron holography for imaging biomolecules at a single particle level; a milestone in structural biology and a potential new tool for drug design.
Researchers Discover A New Mechanism of Proteins to Block HIV
Certain IFITM proteins block and inhibit cell-to-cell transmission of HIV.
Opening the Door to Safer, More Precise Cancer Therapies
New method regulates when, and how strongly, cancer-killing therapeutic T cells are activated.
Vaccination On The Horizon For Severe Viral Infection Of The Brain
Researchers from the University of Zurich and the University Hospital Zurich reveal possible new treatment methods for a rare, usually fatal brain disease.
‘Immune Camouflage’ may Explain H7N9 Influenza Vaccine Failure
The study is published in Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics.
Revolutionary Gene-editing Technique to Stop AIDS Virus in Its Tracks
UNLV personalized medicine researchers seeking patent on potential HIV cure. Their technique uses a plant protein widely used in agriculture industry.
Drug Disarms Deadly C. difficile Bacteria Without Destroying Healthy Gut Flora
A drug that blocks the intestinal pathogen without killing resident, beneficial microbes may prove superior to antibiotics, currently the front-line treatment for the infection.
SMi Biosimilars and Biobetters
30 Sep 2015 - 01 Oct 2015
London, UK
SMi Biosimilars and Biobetters
More information
2nd Bioequivalence Summit
05 Oct 2015 - 06 Oct 2015
Boston, MA, USA
2nd Bioequivalence Summit
More information
2nd Technology Transfer for Biologics
05 Oct 2015 - 06 Oct 2015
Boston, MA, USA
2nd Technology Transfer for Biologics
More information
05 Oct 2015 - 07 Oct 2015
San Francisco, CA, USA
5th American Global Summit and Expo on Vaccines & Vaccination
More information
06 Oct 2015 - 06 Oct 2015
High-Throughput Synthetic Biology: Synthesizing Designer Yeast through Automation and Acoustic Liquid Handling
More information
06 Oct 2015 - 08 Oct 2015
Hannover, Germany
More information
Bioproduction 2015
14 Oct 2015 - 15 Oct 2015
Dublin, Ireland
Bioproduction 2015
More information
4th International Biologics Innovation Forum 2015
15 Oct 2015 - 16 Oct 2015
Wuhan, China
4th International Biologics Innovation Forum 2015
More information
15 Oct 2015 - 18 Oct 2015
Antalya, Turkey
2nd International Congress on Stem Cell and Cellular Therapies
More information
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