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Zika Virus Structure Revealed
Monday, April 04, 2016
Team at Purdue becomes the first to determine the structure of the Zika virus, which reveals insights critical to the development of effective antiviral treatments and vaccines.

A Potent Anti-Cancer Vaccine
Monday, April 04, 2016
Killed tumour cells can serve as a potent vaccine that stimulates the immune system to prevent the outgrowth of cancer cells.

Fighting Early Stage Alzheimer's
Monday, April 04, 2016
Mouse study suggests possibility of curbing early synapse loss in Alzheimer’s.

Amal Therapeutics Raises CHF 3 Million
Thursday, March 31, 2016
Company has completed CHF 3 million Series A financing round with BIVF for preclinical development of cancer vaccines and KISIMA technology platform for therapeutic tumor vaccination.

UGA, Sanofi Develop New H1N1 Vaccine
Thursday, March 31, 2016
Vaccine protects against multiple strains of both seasonal and pandemic H1N1 influenza.

Experimental Vaccine Protects Against Dengue Virus
Wednesday, March 30, 2016
An experimental dengue vaccine protected all the volunteers who received it from infection with a live dengue virus.

Bacteriophages Demonstrate Vast Diversity
Wednesday, March 30, 2016
Microbial habitats worldwide likely shaped by RNA viruses that eat bacteria.

Delivering Localized Cancer Therapy
Wednesday, March 30, 2016
Technique developed that uses a patch embedded with microneedles to deliver cancer immunotherapy treatment directly to the site of melanoma skin cancer.

Aduro Helps Launch New Immunotherapy, Vaccine Effort
Wednesday, March 30, 2016
Berkeley cancer immunologists are teaming up with colleagues working on infectious disease to create a new Immunotherapeutics and Vaccine Research Initiative, fueled by $7.5 million in funding from Aduro Biotech.

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