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May 2016
Scientific News
The Rise of 3D Cell Culture and in vitro Model Systems for Drug Discovery and Toxicology
An overview of the current technology and the challenges and benefits over 2D cell culture models plus some of the latest advances relating to human health research.
A Boost for Regenerative Medicine
Growing tissues and organs in the lab for transplantation into patients could become easier after scientists discovered an effective way to produce three-dimensional networks of blood vessels, vital for tissue survival yet a current stumbling block in regenerative medicine.
Bio-Mimicry Method For Preparing & Labeling Stem Cells Developed
Method allows researchers to prepare mesenchymal stem cells and monitor them using MRI.
Stem Cell Advance Could Be Key Step Toward Treating Deadly Blood Diseases
UCLA scientists get closer to creating blood stem cells in the lab.
Harnessing Engineered Slippery Surfaces For Tissue Repair
A new method could facilitate the transfer of intact regenerating cell sheets from the culture dish to damaged tissues in patients.
Brazilian Zika Virus Strain Causes Birth Defects in Experimental Models
First direct experimental proof of causal effect, researchers say.
Gut Model HuMiX Works Like the Real Thing
Developed by scientists at the Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biology, the “Human Microbial Cross-talk” model is representative of the actual conditions and processes that occur within our intestines.
'Kidney on a Chip' Facilitates Safer Drug Dosing
University of Michigan researchers have used a "kidney on a chip" device to mimic the flow of medication through human kidneys and measure its effect on kidney cells.
New Method Allows First Look At Embryo Implantation
Researchers at The Rockefeller University develop a method that shows the molecular and cellular processes that occur up to day 14 after fertilization.
Detecting Nano Amounts In Environmental Samples
The NanoUmwelt project is developing a technique that can detect nanomaterials in a variety of environmental samples.
Solutions Beyond Water - Successfully pipetting problematic liquids
18 Apr 2016 - 24 May 2016
Solutions Beyond Water - Successfully pipetting problematic liquids
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Rapid and Sensitive Identification of Host Cell Proteins with SWATH® LC-MS Acquisition
26 Apr 2016 - 15 Jun 2016
Rapid and Sensitive Identification of Host Cell Proteins with SWATH® LC-MS Acquisition
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High Content & Phenotypic Screening
10 May 2016 - 11 May 2016
Cambridge, UK
High Content & Phenotypic Screening
More information
11 May 2016 - 12 May 2016
Berlin, Germany
3rd 3D Models & Drug Screening Conference
More information
11 May 2016 - 13 May 2016
Berlin, Germany
European Pharma Summit 2016
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5th Annual Cell Line Development & Engineering Asia
16 May 2016 - 19 May 2016
Shanghai, China
5th Annual Cell Line Development & Engineering Asia
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Cell Culture World Congress USA
19 May 2016 - 20 May 2016
San Diego, CA, USA
Cell Culture World Congress USA
More information
23 May 2016 - 25 May 2016
Gothenburg, Sweden
3 days Hands-on qPCR training course
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