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July 2015
Scientific News
Personalized Screening for Ovarian Cancer
With 60% of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer dying within five years of diagnosis there has been considerable efforts to try to detect the disease at an earlier stage.
Chemists Design a Quantum-Dot Spectrometer
New instrument is small enough to function within a smartphone, enabling portable light analysis.
More Accurate Prediction on Prognosis in Multiple Myeloma (Bone Marrow Cancer)
Test of Dutch-based SkylineDx gives patients better insight in their chances and enables clinicians to adjust their treatment.
Bedside Ebola Diagnostic
A new test can accurately diagnose Ebola virus disease within minutes, providing clinicians with crucial information for treating patients and containing outbreaks.
New Genetic Form of Obesity and Diabetes Discovered
Scientists have discovered a new inherited form of obesity and type 2 diabetes in humans.
Expanding the DNA Alphabet: 'Extra' DNA Base Found to be Stable in Mammals
A rare DNA base, previously thought to be a temporary modification, has been shown to be stable in mammalian DNA, suggesting that it plays a key role in cellular function.
New Tool Identifies Novel Compound Targeting Causes of Type 2 Diabetes
Study identifies small-molecule compound that protects cells against ER stress.
Researchers Develop New Breath Test to Diagnose Oesophageal and Gastric Cancer
Test will now be tested in a larger trial involving three hospitals in London.
Software Differences can Skew Medical Scan Results
Differences in software can significantly skew results of medical scans commonly used in clinical care and research.
New Tool on Horizon for Surgeons Treating Cancer Patients
Surgeons could know while their patients are still on the operating table if a tissue is cancerous, according to researchers.
30 Jun 2015 - 02 Jul 2015
Washington, DC
Phytobiomes 2015: Designing a New Paradigm for Crop Improvement
More information
13 Jul 2015 - 14 Jul 2015
Milton Keynes, UK
Comprehensive GC Training (SRI GC with PeakSimple)
More information
15 Jul 2015 - 16 Jul 2015
Milton Keynes, UK
Hands-on Advanced Injection GC Training
More information
5th Asia-Pacific Summit on Cancer Therapy (Cancer Summit -2015)
20 Jul 2015 - 22 Jul 2015
Brisbane, Australia
5th Asia-Pacific Summit on Cancer Therapy (Cancer Summit -2015)
More information
20 Jul 2015 - 24 Jul 2015
Newcastle, UK
Complete GC & GC-MS
More information
11th Public Relations & Communications Summit
20 Jul 2015 - 21 Jul 2015
Bridgewater, NJ, USA
11th Public Relations & Communications Summit
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