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Extracting Uranium from Seawater
Friday, December 18, 2015
An ultra-high-resolution technique used for the first time to study polymer fibers that trap uranium in seawater may cause researchers to rethink the best methods to harvest this potential fuel for nuclear reactors.

Will the Future 'Green Highway' be Frugal or High-Tech?
Tuesday, December 15, 2015
Innovia validates technology to take The Ray closer to its zero impact vision.

New Method to Purify Water
Monday, December 14, 2015
The method sounds like a salad dressing recipe: take water, sprinkle in nanomaterials, add oil and shake.

“Kill Switches” Shut Down Engineered Bacteria
Monday, December 14, 2015
Synthetic biology technique could make it safer to put engineered microbes to work outside of the lab.

Rhine One of the Most Polluted Rivers Worldwide
Wednesday, December 09, 2015
Between Basel and Rotterdam, the Rhine has one of the highest microplastics pollution so far measured in rivers, with the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan area showing peak numbers of up to four times the average.

Pesticides Linked to Butterfly Declines
Thursday, December 03, 2015
The use of neonicotinoid pesticides may be contributing to the decline of butterflies in the UK, according to a new study involving the University of Sussex.

Finding Even the Tiniest Plastics in the Sea
Thursday, December 03, 2015
Two students have developed a method that can measure the microplastics that other methods overlook.

New Material Lays Waste to Mercury Pollution
Thursday, December 03, 2015
A brand new, dirt cheap, non-toxic polymer that literally sucks mercury out of water and soil is set to become a game changer in the battle against one of the world’s most reviled pollutants.

Shocking New Way to Get the Salt Out
Thursday, December 03, 2015
MIT team invents efficient shockwave-based process for desalination of water.

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