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Food and Beverage Analysis

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Scientific News
On Planes, Savory Tomato Becomes Favored Flavor
Study shows the effect that airplane noise has on passengers' taste preferences.
How Used Coffee-Grounds Could Make Some Food More Healthful
Phenols in coffee ground extracts could be used as additives to enhances other food products.
Spores For Thought: Study Provides New Insights Into Clostridium Spores
Researchers at the IFR have established how clostridia bacteria emerge from spores. This could help them understand how these bacteria germinate and go on to produce the deadly toxin responsible for botulism (a lethal form of food poisoning) or cause food spoilage.
New Research Into Health Benefits Of Coffee
New research has brought us closer to being able to understand the health benefits of coffee.
Broccoli Sprout Extract Promising for Head and Neck Cancer Prevention
Study shows broccoli sprout extract protects against oral cancer in mice.
Kimchi-based Preservative Used in Cosmetics is Not So Natural
Scientists report that kimchi-based preservative marketed as “all-natural” contains synthetic ingredients.
Could Maple Syrup Help Cut Use Of Antibiotics?
Syrup extract found to make antibiotics more effective against bacteria.
Sensor Detects Spoiled Meat
Tiny device could be incorporated into “smart packaging” to improve food safety.
Enriched Broccoli Reduces Cholesterol
New broccoli variety can help to reduce blood LDL-cholesterol.
Inkjet Printer Could Help Identify Food Contaminants
Ordinary office inkjet printer could produce simple tool to identify infectious disease, food contaminants.
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