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October 2016
Scientific News
How it Works: Advanced Data Analysis Using Visualization
Visualisation of data can be used to help molecular biologists tackle the vast datasets their experiments create.
Unravelling the Role of Key Genes and DNA Methylation in Blood Cell Malignancies
Researchers from the University of Nebraska Medical Center have demonstrated the role of Dnmt3a in safeguarding normal haematopoiesis.
Influential Cancer Researcher Receives Agilent Thought Leader Award
Biologist Scott Lowe receives award in recognition for his contributions to cancer biology.
Molecular Origins of Dust Mite Allergy Discovered
Scientists have identified molecules of house dust mites that are targeted by the immune system of children, developing allergic rhinitis and asthma.
Gene-Editing Cures Genetic Blood Disorder in Mice
New technology may offer minimally invasive treatment for genetic disorders of the blood.
Epigenetics and Neural Cell Death
Researchers demonstrate how deregulation of an epigenetic mechanism active in early neurogenesis phases triggers neural cell death.
ALS Study Reveals Role of RNA-Binding Proteins
The findings are a significant step forward in validating RNA-based therapy as a treatment for ALS.
New Compound Shows Promise in Treating Multiple Human Cancers
The research presents a new way to efficiently kill these cancerous cells and holds promise for the treatment of all cancers.
Tumor Markers Reveal Lethality Of Bladder Cancers
Researchers found that detection of certain tumor cells in early stage cancers helps identify high-risk cancers.
Lab-on-a-Chip to Help Detect Cancer
In this podcast, we speak to Gustavo Stolovitsky to learn about his career and the work he is doing at IBM Research.
03 Oct 2016 - 05 Oct 2016
Atlanta, GA, USA
International Conference and Exhibition on Surgical Oncology
More information
Probiotics Congress: USA
03 Oct 2016 - 04 Oct 2016
San Diego, CA, USA
Probiotics Congress: USA
More information
03 Oct 2016 - 03 Oct 2016
Toronto, Canada
Metabolic and Transcriptional Reprogramming Leads to Cancer Vulnerabilities
More information
Bioimaging Asia 2016 - Metabolic, Neuro, Cancer & Cardiovascular
04 Oct 2016 - 05 Oct 2016
Singapore, Asia
Bioimaging Asia 2016 - Metabolic, Neuro, Cancer & Cardiovascular
More information
10 Oct 2016 - 12 Oct 2016
Milton Keynes, UK
3-day Practical Essentials of GC & GC-MS
More information
10 Oct 2016 - 11 Oct 2016
Prague, Czech Republic
Hands-on qPCR Training Course
More information
11 Oct 2016 - 12 Oct 2016
Singapore, Asia
3rd Annual Microbiology & Infectious Diseases Asia Congress 2016
More information
11 Oct 2016 - 11 Oct 2016
Online Event
Being Prepared for a HIPAA Audit 2016
More information
12 Oct 2016 - 13 Oct 2016
Dundee, UK
Circulating Biomarkers 2016 Dundee
More information
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