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September 2016
Scientific News
Blood Pressure Drug May Boost Effectiveness of Lung Cancer Treatment
Researchers at Imperial College London have suggested that the blood pressure drug may make a type of lung cancer treatment more effective.
Regulatory RNA Essential to DNA Damage Response
Researchers discover a tumour suppressor is stabilized by an RNA molecule, which helps cells respond to DNA damage.
Death-or-Repair Switch Protein Identified
Researchers have identified a protein that plays a key role in the decision process of cell damage repair or cellular suicide.
Heart Arrhythmia Caused by Mosaic of Mutant Cells
Researchers have solved the genetic mystery of an infant suffering from heart arrhythmia.
Crispr Toolbox Expanded By Protein
Researchers have shown a newly discovered CRISPR protein has two distinct RNA cutting activities.
Genetic Impact of Endurance Training
Research has found that endurance training changes genetic activity in thousands of genes, giving rise to large number of altered RNA variants.
Wearable Microscope Can Measure Fluorescent Dyes Through Skin
UCLA research could make monitoring disease biomarkers easier and more cost-effective.
“Sixth Sense” More Than a Feeling
NIH study of rare genetic disorder reveals importance of touch and body awareness.
A Diversity of Genomes
New DNA from understudied groups reveals modern genetic variation, ancient population shifts.
Gene Could Reduce Female Mosquitoes
Virginia Tech researchers have found a gene that can reduce female mosquitoes over many generations.
29 Aug 2016 - 02 Sep 2016
Boston, MA, USA
4th Annual Immuno-Oncology Summit
More information
05 Sep 2016 - 06 Sep 2016
Gothenburg, Sweden
2 days Hands-on qPCR training course
More information
05 Sep 2016 - 07 Sep 2016
Beijing, China
Drug Formulation & Bioavailability Congress
More information
07 Sep 2016 - 07 Sep 2016
Gothenburg, Sweden
1 day Sample preparation and quality control of nucleic acids
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2nd Annual Epigenetics Discovery Congress
08 Sep 2016 - 09 Sep 2016
London, UK
2nd Annual Epigenetics Discovery Congress
More information
08 Sep 2016 - 08 Sep 2016
Gothenburg, Sweden
1 day Quality control of qPCR in molecular diagnostics
More information
09 Sep 2016 - 09 Sep 2016
Gothenburg, Sweden
1 day Multiplex PCR
More information
12 Sep 2016 - 14 Sep 2016
Berlin, Germany
5th International Conference on Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
More information
Precision Medicine Congress
12 Sep 2016 - 13 Sep 2016
London, UK
Precision Medicine Congress
More information
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