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Horizon Discovery Appoints Mr Grahame Cook as a Non-Executive Director
Thursday, May 14, 2015
Grahame brings over 20 years’ experience to Horizon.

Expression of Certain Genes Changes with the Seasons
Thursday, May 14, 2015
As the seasons change, so do the expression levels of many human genes, including ones involved in immune function, according to new research.

Drug Perks up Old Muscles and Aging Brains
Thursday, May 14, 2015
Whether you’re brainy, brawny or both, you may someday benefit from a drug found to rejuvenate aging brain and muscle tissue.

GenomeDx Launches Genomics Data-Sharing Program
Thursday, May 14, 2015
The company have launched a clinical genomics data-sharing program with the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Centerat Thomas Jefferson University as the first institutional partner.

Affymetrix Acquires Assets of Eureka Genomics
Thursday, May 14, 2015
Aquisition will enable provision of high throughput and economical crop and animal genotyping.

Researcher Discovers Molecules That Kill Cancer, Protect Healthy Cells
Thursday, May 14, 2015
This research shines a light on what happens to cells at the moment they become cancerous and the potential of femtomedicine to revolutionize cancer treatment.

Lilly and BioNTech Announce Research Collaboration
Wednesday, May 13, 2015
Research collaboration to discover novel cancer immunotherapies.

Antibiotic Resistant Typhoid Detected in Countries Around the World
Wednesday, May 13, 2015
Unappreciated global spread of multiple antimicrobial resistant typhoid mapped by international consortium.

Using CRISPR, Biologists Find a Way to Comprehensively Identify Anti-Cancer Drug Targets
Wednesday, May 13, 2015
Scientists at CSHL publish CRISPR gene-editing technology in Nature Biotechnology.

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