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Wednesday, September 03, 2014
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Biomarkers and Metabolomics: Practical Implication
Vladimir V. Tolstikov

Current presentation is dedicated to case studies and illustrates diversity of the projects. Cases representing different projects combine the same analytical platform we utilize for metabolomics study of blood plasma and urine. While pattern recognition presents certain challenges but rather ones that can be resolved, identification of low abundant unknown biomarkers is critical for the field and offers significant technical challenge in spite of considerable progress in modern analytical techn

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Application of genetic programming in analysis of quantitative gene expression profiles for identification of nodal status in bladder cancer
Anirban P. Mitra, Arpit A. Almal, Ben George, David W. Fry, Peter F. Lenehan, Vincenzo Pagliarulo, Richard J. Cote, Ram H. Datar, William P. Worzel

Nodal involvement in bladder cancer is an independent indicator of prognosis. This study employed an iterative machine learning process called genetic programming on quantitative expression values of 70 genes to classify primary urothelial carcinoma samples into those associated with or without nodal metastasis. The generated rules showed a strong predilection for ICAM1, MAP2K6 and KDR resulting in gene expression motifs that cumulatively suggested a pattern ICAM1>MAP2K6>KDR for node positive ca

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New Protein Biomarkers for Histopathological Classification of Breast Cancer
Brozkova Kristyna, Knoflickova Dana, Bouchal Pavel, Nenutil Rudolf and Vojtesek Borivoj

We used Ciphergen technology based on SELDI TOF-MS (Surface Enhanced Laser Desorption/Ionisation Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry) for analysis of protein expression profiles of 105 breast cancer tissue samples. The aim of this study was the identification of single proteins or protein patterns specific for different tumour subgroups, which should take advantage of the biomarker as an alternative to commonly used diagnostic and prognostic characteristics.

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Inflammatory Markers in Leg Ulcer Fluid from Chronic Venous Insufficiency
Monica Neagu, Gina Manda, Carolina Constantin, Ionela Neagoe*, Lucian Albulescu, Cristiana Tanase, Eleonora Codorean, Daniel Boda and Sanda Marta Popescu

The purpose of our study was to evaluate soluble matrixmetalloproteinases (MMPs) and their inhibitor (TIMP1) associated to leg ulcer wound fluid in comparison with the tissue localized ones. We aimed to develop an easy-to-perform protocol for the quantification of soluble MMPs / TIMP and associate the obtained levels with the disease stage and prognostic.

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Biomarker Discovery Strategy for Trisomy 21 Using iTRAQ and 4800 Plus MALDI TOF/TOF
Varaprasad Kolla

Plasma proteins serve as good indicators of disease as there are representative proteins from several cellular processes and thus a potential source for biomarker discovery. The large dynamic range of plasma proteins makes the analysis very challenging, as a large number of low abundance proteins are masked by a few high abundance proteins.

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Two-Dimensional Molecular Profiling of Multiple Myeloma
Zelena Jana, Konecna Hana, Zdrahal Zbynek, Penka Miroslav and Hajek Roman

We have compared two different solubilization buffers, we also evaluated protein precipitation with ethanol and optimized 2-DE conditions for human myeloma proteins.

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Proteomic Approach to Identify Stage Specific Biomarkers in Streptozotocin Induced Diabetic Nephropathy
Vikram Sharma and Kulbhushan Tikoo

The presence of albumin in the urine of healthy subjects presents a stumbling block in diagnostics putting a question mark on the validity of albumin test for the detection of diabetic nephropathy. Therefore there arises a dire need to hunt for the proteins in the pertinent bio- fluids which can serve as biomarkers.

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Development of Biomarkers for Improved Diagnosis of Active Tuberculosis
Sybille Hunt, Amirkhani A, Cole R, Harcourt R,Hsu M , Marlborough D, Pedersen S, Qiu J, Ranaweera S, Remediakis C, Richards E, SeroaL, Sharp-Paul I, Sloane A, Vizgoft J, Harry J, Lindner R.

Proteome Systems has identified TB proteins in sputa and blood of people diagnosed with TB. Several of these proteins have been prioritised for ongoing validation. This involves generation of sensitive antibodies and optimisation of assays for detection of TB antigens in clinical samples. This presentation will discuss our progress in this program and our strategy for incorporation of these markers into a diagnostic test format.

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Antibody Array-Based Analysis of Expression Levels in Protein Mixtures Extracted from Formalin-fFxed Paraffin-Embedded (FFPE) Material using ULS Labeling
Saskia Schoenmakers, Dennis Postma, Marie Lacombe and Frank Opdam

Protein was extracted from 7-year old FFPE samples of B-cell lymphoma and mamma carcinoma, followed by ULS labeling. Samples were used for single or two color assays using a custom-made antibody array. We observed differential expression levels for several captured analytes. In B-cell lymphoma, expected high levels of IgM were detected, while high levels of CA19-9, a putative marker, were found for the breast cancer tissue.

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500 Million Year Reset for the Immune System
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Pinpointing Genes that Protect Against Frailty
Researchers at Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University have been awarded a $3.3M grant from the NIH to study the role of genetics in protecting against frailty.
GTEx Project to Expand Functional Studies of Genomic Variation
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Researchers Uncover New Cancer Cell Vulnerability
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Capturing Cancer: A Powerful New Technique for Early Diagnosis
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No Extra Mutations in Modified Stem Cells, Study Finds
New results ease previous concerns that gene-editing techniques-used to develop therapies for genetic diseases-could add unwanted mutations to stem cells.
Patient-Specific Stem Cells and Personalized Gene Therapy
Patients’ own cells transformed into model for studying disease and developing potential treatment.
Significant Step Towards Blood Test for Alzheimer's
Scientists have identified a set of 10 proteins in the blood which can predict the onset of Alzheimer’s, marking a significant step towards developing a blood test for the disease.
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