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Scientific News
Two New and Very Large Classes of RNAs Linked to a Cancer Biomarker Identified
Study shows two new classes of RNAs could play a role in progression of prostate cancer.
DNA Mutations get Harder to Hide
Rice University researchers have developed a method to detect rare DNA mutations with an approach hundreds of times more powerful than current methods.
New Way of Preventing Diabetes-Associated Blindness
Researchers have discovered a potential treatment for the most common cause of lose of vision in working age adults in the U.S.
Discovery of Pain-sensing Gene Key to New Relief Methods
A gene essential to the production of pain-sensing neurons in humans has been identified by an international team of researchers co-led by the University of Cambridge.
Researchers Find “Decoder Ring” Powers in microRNA
MicroRNA can serve as a "decoder ring" for understanding complex biological processes, a team of New York Univ. chemists has found.
Genetic Markers for Detecting and Treating Ovarian Cancer
Custom bioinformatics algorithm identifies human mRNAs that distinguish ovarian cancer cells from normal cells and provide new therapeutic targets
Partly Human Yeast Show A Common Ancestor’s Lasting Legacy
Edward Marcotte and his colleagues at the University of Texas at Austin created hundreds of strains of humanized yeast by inserting into each a single human gene and turning off the corresponding yeast gene.
Beyond Average
Researchers have created new platforms to genetically barcode tens of thousands of cells at a time allowing unprecedented detail to be uncovered when studying whole tissue samples.
Bacteria Cooperate to Repair Damaged Siblings
New research unearths the unique ability of a certain type of soil borne bacteria to repair nearby damaged cells.
New Target for Treating Rheumatoid Arthritis
Many affected individuals still suffer with progressive joint damage, despite treatment. This study has discovered a new treatment target which could open a door to preventing this ongoing damage.
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