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Thursday, October 23, 2014
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deGlycIT MaxiSpin, Deglycosylates 10-100 mg
Genovis AB
deGlycIT MicroSpin, Deglycosylates 10 x 0.5 mg
Genovis AB
deGlycIT MicroSpin, Deglycosylates 2 x 0.5 mg
Genovis AB
deGlycIT MicroSpin, Deglycosylates 5 x 0.5 mg
Genovis AB
deGlycIT MidiSpin, Deglycosylates 1-10 mg
Genovis AB
FabRICATOR, 2000 Units
Genovis AB
FabRICATOR, 5000 Units
Genovis AB
FabRICATOR, 8x100 Units
Genovis AB
FabRICATOR, 96x100 Units
Genovis AB
FabULOUS, 2000 Units
Genovis AB
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Scientific News
Study Investigates Inherent Contamination in Deep Well Microplates
Study gives data on microplates from numerous manufacturers based in Europe, USA and China.
Culture System Replicates Course Of Alzheimer’s Disease
Three-dimensional system should significantly reduce time and costs of drug development.
New Technique Yields Drug, Biomedical Test Results in One Minute
Slug flow microextraction makes it possible to quickly detect the presence of drugs or to monitor certain medical conditions using only a single drop of blood or urine.
New Clues For Early Colorectal Cancer Detection
Study identifies new biomarkers which could help detect colorectal cancer.
New 'Lab-on-a-Chip' Could Revolutionize Early Diagnosis of Cancer
Faster result times, reduced costs, minimal sample demands and better sensitivity of analysis.
NanoString, Brigham and Women’s Hospital Collaborate
Research collaboration to accelerate translation of genomic discoveries into clinical diagnostics in oncology.
‘Tissue Chip’ to Screen Neurological Toxins
UW-Madison team are developing a faster, more affordable way to screen for neural toxins.
Improving Korean Wheat
Dae Wook Kim learns genetic screening techniques to develop a line of Korean wheat.
Blood Test May Help Determine Psychosis Risk
A study led by University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill researchers represents an important step forward in the accurate diagnosis of people who are experiencing the earliest stages of psychosis.
Blood Test To Diagnose Depression
Test identifies nine blood markers tied to depression; predicts who will benefit from therapy.
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