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Sunday, November 23, 2014
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Direct Drug Screening Of Biopsies Could Overcome Resistance
Combining genetic with pharmacologic screening of tumors may enable truly individualized treatment regimens.
Almac Announces Launch of CLIA Validated Next Generation Sequencing Assay
P53 considered important biomarker for cancer drug discovery.
Next-Gen Melanoma Drug Excels in Lab Tests
Anti-cancer activity was reported in 10 out of 11 patient tumor samples grown in mice and treated with the experimental drug TAK-733.
Blood Test Could Reduce Antibiotic Use
A new blood biomarker test that indicates whether bacteria is the cause of a patient’s lung infection is now being studied at UPMC Presbyterian.
New Targets and Test to Develop Treatments for Memory Disorders
The study focuses on kinesin, a molecular motor protein that plays a role in the transport of other proteins throughout a cell.
Drugging the Undruggable
Discovery opens up possibility of slowing cancer spread.
Classification of Gene Mutations in Neuroblastoma
Penn Medicine and CHOP experts define riskier mutations in neuroblastoma, setting stage for clinical trial.
Microscopic “Walkers” Find Their Way Across Cell Surfaces
Technology could provide a way to deliver probes or drugs to cell structures without outside guidance.
Study Investigates Inherent Contamination in Deep Well Microplates
Study gives data on microplates from numerous manufacturers based in Europe, USA and China.
Culture System Replicates Course Of Alzheimer’s Disease
Three-dimensional system should significantly reduce time and costs of drug development.

FBS by Biochemical Assays – Does This Make Sense?
Julian Woelcke, Associate Director, Novartis Pharma AG, speaking at Screening Europe 2010.

Development of an AlphsScreen HTS Assay for Low Affinity Epigenetic Peptide-Protein Interactions
Tim Wigle, Postdoc, University of North Carolina, speaking at Screening Europe 2010.

Kinome Activity Profiling: A New Approach for Target Discovery and Response Prediction
Rinie van Beuningen, Vice President Business Development, PamGene International B.V., speaking at Screening Europe 2010.

Screening for Selectivity
Joost Uitdehaag, Group Leader, Schering-Plough Research Institute, speaking at Screening Europe 2010.

Real Time Screening of GIRK1/4 Channel Blockers
Kenneth Walsh, University of South Carolina, Associate Professor, speaking at Ion Channel Targets 2010.

Small Molecule Probe Discovery by High Throughput Flow Cytometry at the University of New Mexico Center for Molecular Discovery
Larry Sklar, Professor, University of New Mexico, speaking at Probe Discovery 2009

Economy in the Scale: Smaller can be better in High Content Screening
Anthony Davies, Director High Content Research Facility, Trinity College Dublin, speaking at Screening Europe 2010

Small-molecule Probes of Inward Rectifying Potassium Channels
Jerod Denton, Vanderbilt University, Assistant Professor, speaking at Ion Channel Targets 2010.

KCa3.1 Blockers as Potential New Drugs for the Prevention of Chronic Allograft Rejection and the Treatment of IBD
Heike Wulff, University of California, Davis, Associate Professor, speaking at Ion Channel Targets 2010.

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