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Tuesday, July 29, 2014
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Scientific News
UK Government Must Do More to Reduce Risk of vCJD Infection
Report recommends that UK Government commission a full assessment of the risks currently faced by the UK blood supply.
NIST Instrument Enables High-speed Chemical Imaging of Tissues
Researchers have demonstrated a dramatically improved technique for analyzing biological cells and tissues based on characteristic molecular vibration "signatures."
Innovative Technology Enables First Crystal Structure of mGlu5 Transmembrane Domain to be Determined
Several novel drug candidates have been identified to help treat specific neuropsychiatric disorders.
Capturing Cancer: A Powerful New Technique for Early Diagnosis
Researchers describe an innovative technique for early disease detection, which they call immunosignaturing.
Significant Step Towards Blood Test for Alzheimer's
Scientists have identified a set of 10 proteins in the blood which can predict the onset of Alzheimer’s, marking a significant step towards developing a blood test for the disease.
Potential Alzheimer’s Drug Prevents Abnormal Blood Clots in the Brain
Researchers have identified a compound that might halt the progression of Alzheimer’s by interfering with the role of plaque forming amyloid-ß.
CRI Finds Key to Identifying, Enriching Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Biomarker enables researchers to accurately characterize the properties and function of MSCs in the body.
Finding Could Revolutionize Drug Discovery
A study by researchers at IRB Barcelona reveals the existence of information highways that connect and correlate distant sites within a single protein.
Advanced Cell Culture Techniques for Cancer Drug Discovery
This review focuses on the culturing of cell lines representative of solid cancers in advanced cell culture conditions.
Detailed Brain Imaging Study to Help Unlock Root Causes of Dementia
Large population scanning heralds a new era in research to tackle dementia and a wide range of intractable diseases.

True and False HTS Leads for Probe Discovery
Cristian Bologa, University of New Mexico, Associate Professor, speaking at Probe Discovery 2010.

Development of Assays and Chemical Probes for Readers, Writers, and Erasers of the Histone Code
Amy Quinn, NIH Genomics Center, PostDoc Fellow, speaking at Probe Discovery 2010.

Exploiting Three Different Luminescent Assay Chemistries for Probe Discovery
Terry Riss, R&D Director, Promega, speaking at Probe Discovery 2009

Validation of a Zebrafish Automated Screening Platform
Carles Callol-Massot, Scientific Director, Biobide SL, speaking at Screening Europe 2010

Sensitive and High Throughput Multiplexed Immunoassays for Biomarker Discovery in Biobanked Samples Using Proximity Ligation Assays and qPCR
Simon Fredriksson, Chief Scientific Officer, Olink Bioscience, speaking at European Biomarkers Summit 2009

High Throughput Approaches to Cellular Systems Biology Screening
Sarah Payne, TTP Labtech, speaking at Probe Discovery 2009

Rapid, Label-Free Screening and Affinity Determination of Fragments Binding Specifically to Drug Targets
Joerg Bomke, Lab Manager, Merck Serono speaking at Screening Europe 2010

Novel Organelle-Targeting Molecular Probes for Live Cell Imaging, Flow Cytometry and HTS Microplate Assay
Wayne Patton, Chief Scientific Officer, Enzo Life Sciences, speaking at Probe Discovery 2009

Three-Dimensional Spheroid and Tissue Models to Screen for Anti-Tumor Agents
Sanjit Nirmalanandhan, Senior Scientist, University of Kansas, speaking at Probe Discovery 2009

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