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April 2015
Scientific News
Bioinformatics Tool for Metagenome Analysis
‘GOTTCHA’ tool could aid ID of co-infections in medical samples.
Novel Online Bioinformatics Tool Significantly Reduces Time Of Multiple Genome Analysis
UK research collaboration develops a new bioinformatics pipeline that enables automated primer design for multiple genome species, significantly reducing turnaround time.
UGA Researchers to Use Crowdsourcing to Track Harmful Algal Blooms
CyanoTRACKER is a ‘Neighborhood watch system for Georgia waters’.
Partek Milestone: Cited in Over 3,000 Peer-reviewed Articles
Topics include differential gene expression, gene-annotation enrichment analysis, and copy number analysis studies.
Dynamic Profiling Of The Protein Life Cycle In Response To Pathogens
A quantitative genomic model is used to explain the abundance of proteins in cells based on mRNA expression, translation, and degradation.
New Software Helps Researchers Solve Genomic 'Jigsaw Puzzle'
Scientists from The Genome Analysis Centre (TGAC) present a configurable workflow management system for the complex task of de novo genome assembly.
New Techniques Reveal “Extreme” Gene Copy Range
New findings give scientists the first precise way to study places in the genome where the number of copies of a sequence varies widely from person to person.
New Software Analyzes Human Genomes Faster than Other Available Technologies
The new software will empower population scale genomic analysis.
Powerful Tool Promises To Change The Way Scientists View Proteins
Aquaria, a publicly available web resource that streamlines and simplifies the process of gleaning insight from 3D protein structures, is fast, easy-to-use and contains twice as many models as all other similar resources combined.
Gene Changes That Affect Brain Size Identified
The identity of eight common mutations may one day reveal more about Alzheimer’s, autism and other neurological disorders.
09 Apr 2015 - 10 Apr 2015
Berlin, Germany
Intra.NET Reloaded Boston 2015
More information
13 Apr 2015 - 14 Apr 2015
TATAA Biocenter Prague, Czech Republic
2 Days Hands-on qPCR
More information
13 Apr 2015 - 14 Apr 2015
Milton Keynes, UK
Comprehensive GC Hardware Training (Thermo TRACE GC)
More information
Paperless Lab Academy
14 Apr 2015 - 15 Apr 2015
Barcelona, Spain
Paperless Lab Academy
More information
15 Apr 2015 - 15 Apr 2015
TATAA Biocenter Prague, Czech Republic
1 Day Sample Preparation and Quality Control of Nucleic Acids
More information
15 Apr 2015 - 16 Apr 2015
Milton Keynes, UK
Comprehensive GC Software Training (Thermo Xcalibur)
More information
16 Apr 2015 - 17 Apr 2015
TATAA Biocenter Prague, Czech Republic
2 Days Experimental Design and Statistical Data Analysis for qPCR
More information
20 Apr 2015 - 24 Apr 2015
Milton Keynes, UK
Complete Gas Chromatography & GC-MS Training Course
More information
21 Apr 2015 - 22 Apr 2015
TATAA Biocenter, Göteborg, Sweden
2 Days Single Cell Analysis
More information
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