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Mass Extinctions Can Accelerate Evolution
Tuesday, August 18, 2015
A computer science team at The University of Texas at Austin has found that robots evolve more quickly and efficiently after a virtual mass extinction modeled after real-life disasters such as the one that killed off the dinosaurs.

Furthering Data Analysis of Next-gen Sequencing to Facilitate Research
Monday, August 17, 2015
Researchers at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center have developed a user-friendly, integrated platform for analyzing the transcriptomic and epigenomic "big data.

Statistical Technique Helps Researchers Understand Tumor Makeup, Personalize Cancer Treatments
Monday, August 17, 2015
A new statistical method for analyzing next-generation sequencing (NGS) data that helps researchers study the genome of various organisms such as human tumors and could help bring about personalized cancer treatments has been unveiled.

‘Fishing Expedition’ Nets Nearly Tenfold Increase in Number of Sequenced Virus Genomes
Monday, August 17, 2015
Newly developed computational tool finds 12,500 genomes of viruses that infect microbes.

Amyris, Genome Compiler Collaborate
Monday, August 17, 2015
Amyris, Inc.and Genome Compiler Corp.have announced the availability of an open testing program for pharma and biotech companies to explore DNA design and construction solutions.

Researchers Construct Atomic Model of an Immature Retrovirus
Friday, August 14, 2015
Using molecular modeling and large-scale molecular dynamic simulation, Beckman researchers have constructed an atomic model of an immature retrovirus.

Protein Meccano
Thursday, August 13, 2015
A research group has developed a new method for the computerized analysis of the internal dynamics of molecules, demonstrating its efficiency and versatility.

Researchers Develop Advanced Cell Screening Technology for Cancer Immunotherapy
Thursday, August 13, 2015
UH-led work could extend the breakthrough therapy to more cancer patients.

Chickenpox Vaccination Increase Shingles Cases
Thursday, August 13, 2015
Vaccinating one-year-olds against chickenpox could temporarily nearly double the incidence of shingles in the wider population, but in younger adults than previously thought.

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