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Bioinformatics (0)
Data Mining (4)Database / Database Management (0)
Image Analysis (3)Microarray Analysis (0)
Pathway Analysis (1)Proteomics (2)
Sequence Analysis (0)Workflow (1)
Cheminformatics (0)
Chromatography Analysis & Management (0)Molecular Databases (0)
Predictive Modelling (0)Spectra Analysis & Management (0)
Consultancy Services (0)
Data Analysis Software (0)
Biological / Chemical Data Analysis (0)Curated / Extracted Database Analysis (0)
Experimental Analysis (0)General Data Analysis (0)
Graphing / Curve Fitting (1)Literature / Text Analysis (0)
Mapping / Visualization (4)Mathematical (0)
Multiple Data Source Analysis (0)Statistical Aanlysis (1)
Structure Analysis (0)
Document Management Systems (DMS) (0)
Electronic Laboratory Notebooks (ELNs) (10)
Free Trials (0)
Imaging Software (0)
Image Analysis (10)Image Aquistion (0)
Microscopy (0)
Instrument Control Software (0)
Automation (8)Chromatography (10)
Pipetting (0)Spectroscopy (0)
Knowledge Management (0)
Laboratory Information Management Software (LIMS) (172)
Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) (0)
Scientific News
Sorting Through Cellular Statistics
Aaron Dinner, professor in chemistry, and his graduate student Herman Gudjonson are trying to read the manual of life, DNA, as part of the Dinner group’s research into bioinformatics—the application of statistics to biological research.
Paving the way to Better Ovarian Cancer Diagnosis
Aïcha BenTaieb will present her invention for automated identification of ovarian cancer’s many subtypes at an international conference this fall.
New Tool Uses 'Drug Spillover' to Match Cancer Patients with Treatments
Researchers have developed a new tool that improves the ability to match drugs to disease: the Kinase Addiction Ranker (KAR) predicts what genetics are truly driving the cancer in any population of cells and chooses the best "kinase inhibitor" to silence these dangerous genetic causes of disease.
Computer Model Could Explain how Simple Molecules Took First Step Toward Life
Two Brookhaven researchers developed theoretical model to explain the origins of self-replicating molecules.
The Mystery of the Instant Noodle Chromosomes
Researchers from the Lomonosov Moscow State University evaluated the benefits of placing the DNA on the principle of spaghetti.
Web App Helps Researchers Explore Cancer Genetics
Brown University computer scientists have developed a new interactive tool to help researchers and clinicians explore the genetic underpinnings of cancer.
An Innovative Algorithm to Decipher How Drugs Work Inside the Body
Researchers at Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) have developed a computer algorithm that is helping scientists see how drugs produce pharmacological effects inside the body.
How do Networks Shape the Spread of Disease and Gossip?
A team of mathematicians from Oxford University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Rutgers University used a set of mathematical rules to encode how a contagion spreads, and then studied the outcomes of these rules.
AncestryDNA and Calico to Research the Genetics of Human Lifespan
Collaboration will analyze family history and genetics to facilitate development of cutting-edge therapeutics.
Informatics Tool Helps Scientists Prioritize Protein Modification Research
Researchers have developed a new informatics technology that analyzes existing data repositories of protein modifications and 3D protein structures to help scientists identify and target research on "hotspots" most likely to be important for biological function.
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