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Analysis LIMS

Product Description

A software solution provider, Polisystem Informatica offers a suite of laboratory software tools for the Italian marketplace, including:

  • "Analysis": LIMS
  • "Tools": Maintenance and calibration
  • "LIMS-IP: Input from Tools
  • "MagReag": Stock Reagents
  • "ValProt": Validate Excel formulas
  • "ValMeth": Validate Methods
  • LIMS "Specialized"
  • LIMS + Outlook
  • "Hazard": HACCP
  • "Packaging Dossier"

Product Analysis LIMS
Company Polisystem Informatica S.r.l.
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Company Logo

Polisystem Informatica S.r.l.
Via del Commercio, 55 S.S. 16 Adriatica 45100 ROVIGO RO Italy

Tel: +39-0425-475138
Fax: +39-0425-475180

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