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Monday, April 21, 2014
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Featured Products
Featured Product - Mitos Dropix: Droplet-on-demand microfluidic system
Mitos Dropix: Droplet-on-demand microfluidic system
Featured Product - PamStation12

Webcast - NanoVelcro-Embedded MicroChips for Detection and Isolation of Circulating Tumor CellsNanoVelcro-Embedded MicroChips for Detection and Isolation of Circulating Tumor Cells
Professor Hsian-Rong Tseng, UCLA, speaking at Exosomes and Circulating Biomarkers Summit 2013.
Webcast - Continuous Flow Processing for Bioanalysis in Microfluidic Devices Continuous Flow Processing for Bioanalysis in Microfluidic Devices
Dr Mark Tarn, University of Hull, speaking at Lab on a Chip World Congress 2013.

Market Reports
Analysis of Global Biochips Industry, 2012-2018
Axis Research Mind

The report ‘Analysis of Global Biochips Industry, 2012-2018’ reviews the latest biochips market trends with a perceptive attempt to disclose the near-future growth prospects. An in-depth analysis on a geographic basis provides strategic business intelligence for life science sector investments.
RI Technologies

This report on focuses on the different types of biomarkers and their impact on various disease areas. The study also provides global market analysis for biomarkers by disease area and by prominent biomarker identification technologies.
Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) and Cancer Stem Cells (CSCs) Market Report 2013
Select Biosciences Ltd

This is the latest and most up-to-date Market Report from Select Biosciences addressing the CTC and CSC markets as they are evolving rapidly.
Single Cell Omics 2011
Select Biosciences Ltd

The single cell Omics revolution is the potential transformation of cellular heterogeneity from a source of noise to a source of new, as yet hidden discoveries.
Nanotechnology in Healthcare: Market outlook for applications, tools and materials, and 40 company profiles
Business Insights

The advent of healthcare nanotechnology has had a vast impact on the fields of drug delivery and diagnostics. Its role in healthcare is very important in terms of eradicating diseases, especially in the treatment of cancer. Advanced technological developments in coatings and implants using nanotechnology are expected to boost the scope of the market in various applications.
Single Cell Analysis 2010: the New Frontier for 'Omics Market Report
Select Biosciences Ltd

Successful conversion of opportunity to profit requires a detailed understanding of this emerging market. Single-Cell Analysis 2010: the New Frontier for ’Omics explains the key technologies, applications, unmet needs and trends. The 128-page report includes a survey of more than 300 participants, interviews with 5 leading experts, analyses of 25 companies and 16 academic programs and a 5-by-7 quantitative market model of technologies and applications.
Multiplexed Diagnostics 2010
Select Biosciences Ltd

The multiplexed diagnostics market has grown rapidly and generated sales of approximately $2.4 billon in 2009, but is now balanced on multiple tipping points.
Scientific News
Chips that Listen to Bacteria
Researchers have developed a chip that enables them to electrochemically image the signaling molecules from colonies spatially and temporally.
Researchers Find that Going with the Flow Makes Bacteria Stick
In surprising new discovery, scientists show that microbes are more likely to adhere to tube walls when water is moving.
Microfluidics Device Could Help Diagnose Pancreatic Cancer in Minutes
This is the first time material larger than a single-celled organism has successfully moved in a microfluidic device.
Channel-Free Microfluidic Technology for Molecular Testing Developed
The Smart FilmCARD would be the first microfluidic device in the diagnostics industry with no channels included in its design.
All-Aqueous Multiphase Microfluidics
This paper reviews recent progress in the generation of all-aqueous emulsions and jets in microfluidic systems.
Rapid Sub-attomole MicroRNA Detection on a Portable Microfluidic Chip
Researchers describe two key technologies to solve one of the major issues for point of care testing application.
A Microchip for Metastasis
MIT researchers design a microfluidic platform to see how cancer cells invade specific organs.
New Clues to How Bacteria Evade Antibiotics
Scientists have made an important advance in understanding how a subset of bacterial cells escape being killed by many antibiotics.
Microfluidics for Synthesis of Peptide-Based PET Tracers
Microfluidics is a very promising technology to meet the increased demand for peptide-based PET tracers.
Self-Steering Particles Go with the Flow
Asymmetrical particles could make lab-on-a-chip diagnostic devices more efficient and portable.
Business News
Capillary Film Technology Receives £98K Funding
Company receives funding for development of POC acute coronary syndrome diagnostic.
Sony DADC to Enter Into a Manufacturing Agreement with Trinean
Sony DADC to supply microfluidic disposables for Trinean’s high throughput DropSense96™ spectrometers and its Xpose™ Touch & Go sample QC analyzer.
SIMTech Signs Three Microfluidic Collaboration Agreements
Agreements will play a part in speeding up the growth and development of the microfluidics industry.
Eveon, Leti Mark Milestone in Fabrication of Smart Bolus-type Micro-pump
Both Companies announces the demonstration of liquid-pumping for smart drug delivery.
Promethera Bio, EMD Millipore to Develop a Liver Pharmaco-Toxicological Assay
Companies collaborate to develop an improved ready-to-use microfluidic perfusion liver assay.
New Partnership Between Malvern Instruments and RheoSense
Distribution agreement brings m-VROCi to industrial markets.
PerkinElmer Revenues Grow 4%
PerkinElmer, Inc. reported financial results for the fourth quarter ended December 29, 2013.
MIMETAS and Galapagos to Develop Human Disease Models On-a-Chip
Companies will collaborate to develop miniaturized 3D cell culture models.
Microfluidics Market Expected to Grow at a CAGR 17.6% to 2018
The high growth in this market can be attributed to the rising demand for point of care devices.
Green Chemistry Hits Full Flow with China UK Partnership
Vapourtec signs agreement with Nanjing University of Technology (NJUT) in China to establish a joint operation in the fast growing, hi tec field of flow chemistry.

International Bioprinting Cong
24 Jul 2014
International Bioprinting Cong ...
EMBL Conference: Microfluidics
23 Jul 2014
EMBL Conference: Microfluidics ...
Featured Event - Lab-on-a-Chip & Microarray Wor
18 Sep 2014
Lab-on-a-Chip & Microarray Wor ...
Single Cell Analysis Summit
18 Sep 2014
Single Cell Analysis Summit ...

Droplet Microfluidics for 3D Epithelial Cell Culture
CEA Grenoble

The challenge facing 3D cell culture today is to adapt current models to a systems biology approach - in particular, to enable RNA interference-based screens to study the effects of the microenvironment on cellular function.
Microfluidic chips with microscale traps for cancer cells study by confocal laser scanning microscopy
ITMO University

In this work, microfluidic chip with integrated microscale hydrodynamic traps for fixation of cancer cells in native state to study by confocal laser scanning microscopy in the chip’s chamber was designed, fabricated and tested.
Direct On-chip Storage and Release of Liquid Reagents for Diagnostic Lab-on-a-Chip Devices
IMTEK - Department of Microsystems Engineering

We present a direct on-chip storage and release of liquid reagents for diagnostic lab-on-a-chip devices. Reagent release is pressure driven and realized by braking up a barrier film through a deflection of a flexible membrane.
Polymerized Poly(ethylene glycol) Diacrylate Microfluidic Membrane Valves
Departments of Chemistry and Biochemistry and Electrical and Computer Engineering, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, USA

Polymerized poly(ethylene glycol) diacrylate (poly-PEGDA) was fabricated into pneumatically controlled, non-elastomeric membrane valves as a nonspecific adsorption resistant alternative to polydimethylsiloxane valves. Temporal response, valve closure, and long-term durability of these poly-PEGDA valves were evaluated.

Polymerized Poly(ethylene glycol) Diacrylate Microfluidic Membrane Valves
Brigham Young University

Polymerized poly(ethylene glycol) diacrylate (poly-PEGDA) was fabricated into pneumatically controlled, non-elastomeric membrane valves as a nonspecific adsorption resistant alternative to polydimethylsiloxane valves. Temporal response, valve closure, and long-term durability of these poly-PEGDA valves were evaluated.

A Distinctive Analysis of Fluid Flow Behaviour in an AC Electroosmotic Micropump
Universiti Putra Malaysia

Microfluidic systems are used for chemical and biological analyses, sensing, drug delivery and molecular separation.
Low-cost “Plug & Play” On-Chip Valve and Pump for Thermoplastic Microfluidics
SIMTech Microfluidics Foundry

Scientists have developed a novel on-chip valving solution for thermoplastic microfluidic devices, which is reliable, easy to implement, and has low-cost fabrication.
A novel DNA amplification method based on silicon microring resonator for rapid detection of genetic alteration in the point-of care (POC) field of cancers

Nucleic acid testing plays a critical role in molecular diagnosis[1-2]. Due to the low amounts of DNA obtained in clinical samples, the amplification of DNA is an essential step in most NAT methods [3].
Rapid Concentration of Particles in Microfluidics using AC Electrothermal Effect with Laser Illumination
Pusan National University

In this study, the formation of a toroidal microvortex by AC electrothermal (ACET) effect was numerically visualized using COMSOL v4.2a multiphysics software. AC voltage was applied to the two parallel electrodes in a microchannel to generate temperature gradient in the fluids.
Microfluidic analysis of amino acids using aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase coupled with spectrophotometric detection
Hiroshima City University

Analyses of free amino acids in biological fluids?—?such as urine and plasma?—?can be useful in determining disease status in clinical diagnoses [1]. In the food industry, unique changes in amino acid concentrations are useful markers of freshness, nutrition, and taste.
Application Notes
Purification of Genomic DNA from Saliva Using Oragene® Discover Collection Kits and the Akonni TruTip® Extraction System on the Hamilton Microlab® STAR Liquid Handling Workstation

In the following studies, we have demonstrated the high precision of the automated TruTip extraction technology in processing genomic DNA from low-volume saliva samples and its advantage over competitors.
Overcoming the Challenge of Reliable Multi-way Fluidic Connections

If you are struggling to create fast and reliable microfluidic connections, Multiflux™ may be the solution you are looking for.
Miniaturisation of Gas Chromatography Equipment

Gas Chromatography (GC) is a highly sensitive chemical analysis technique with a broad range of applications. Existing commercial GC systems are generally quite bulky and fragile. Microfluidics enables miniaturisation of the gas chromatography column and low power methods for column heating.
Mitos P-Pump Droplet Monodispersity

The formation of droplets of oil-in-water or water-in-oil has a range of uses in science and industry. Monodispersity, or size consistency, is the key to making droplet microfluidics a powerful tool for conducting accurate and repeatable experiments.
Pathogen Detection
febit biotech gmbh

Whereas most microarray platform providers offer biochips that are very restricted in terms of performing different analysis methods to comprehensively characterize a given sample, a new generation of multiplex assay platforms, such as the Geniom® technology, offers unlimited flexibility and is already applied in various fields of molecular analysis.
Dynamic Detection
febit biotech gmbh

In contrast to many microarray platforms, the Geniom technology provides the user with a unique feature that allows specific measurements and quality control via real-time monitoring on the chip: the dynamic detection of hybridization and amplification. Presenting this novel measuring principle, Geniom enables advanced applications and new approaches.
febit biotech gmbh

Geniom® presents a revolutionary combination of PCR and micro-array analyses, superior to any previous approach applied in genomic research. The huge amount of available genomic sequence information of different organisms has opened the door to a post genome era where new challenges arise. One of the most ambitious objectives of this new period is to understand the genome and the products it encodes and how these gene products interact.
microRNA Profiling
febit biotech gmbh

febit’s Geniom Technology addresses the special requirements for the analysis of miRNA expression, its most significant advantage being the extraordinary adaptability to up-to-date information. Keeping the pace with ever changing updates of the miRNA databases as well and easy to handle adjustments of microarray setups, enable modern analyses of miRNA profiles.
febit biotech gmbh

The Geniom® technology for mutational and comparative sequence analysis is based on hybridization of sample DNA to specific probes on the custom array. Use genomic sequence information derived from private or public databases, or select fully validated sequences from our pre-selected probe compositions to determine design and setup of your array.
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