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Thursday, January 29, 2015
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Microfluidic Platform Gives a Clear Look at a Crucial Step in Cancer Metastasis
Friday, September 27, 2013
A microfluidic platform provides a high-resolution view of a crucial step in cancer metastasis.

Watching Tumors Burst Through a Blood Vessel
Tuesday, September 24, 2013
A microfluidic platform provides a high-resolution view of a crucial step in cancer metastasis.

LasX and Surnetics sign Memorandum of Understanding for Developing IVD and other Microfluidic Products
Friday, September 06, 2013
Companies are to partner on the development of precision-cut microfluidic products for use in the diagnostic, medical, and other life science markets.

Researchers Advance the Art of Drug Testing
Friday, September 06, 2013
On a rectangular chip slightly smaller than a person’s finger, two scientists and an engineer are writing what they hope will be the blueprint for the future of drug testing.

Microfluidic Separation of Live and Dead Yeast Cells using Reservoir-Based Dielectrophoresis
Friday, September 06, 2013
Cell separation is an essential step in biological research and has important applications in many areas such as environmental monitoring, food production, and pharmaceutical industry.

The Future of Microfluidics for Biomarker Detection
Friday, September 06, 2013
This article outlines the present status of microfluidics for biomarker detection.

New Biochip Holds Great Promise for Quickly Triaging People After Radiation Exposure
Friday, August 16, 2013
Chip could lead to a much-needed way to quickly triage people after possible radiation exposure.

UC Davis "Lab on a Chip" Measures Heart Disease Risk
Thursday, August 08, 2013
New test mimics artery conditions, detects inflammatory cells linked with atherosclerosis and myocardial infarction.

Microfluidic Breakthrough in Biotechnology
Tuesday, August 06, 2013
Chemical flasks and inconvenient chemostats for cultivation of bacteria are likely soon to be discarded.

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