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Tuesday, September 16, 2014
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Exploring Reverse Transcription for DNA MicroArrays
Miroslava Cuperlovic-Culf, Adrian S. Culf, Dominique Richard, Mark LaFlamme, Daniel Leger and Rodney J. Ouellette

Results suggest that random priming is the optimal method for expression analysis of long genes. This method of RT may be appropriate for alternatively spliced genes and for genes without unique probes in the 3’-region.

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Protein Expression Profiling with High-Content Antibody Arrays using Universal Linkage System ULS™ Protein Labeling
Frank Opdam, Saskia Schoenmakers, Marie Lacombe, Sandra van der Locht, Alain van Gool and Paul van der Hoeven

The Universal Linkage System (ULS™) is a platinum-based technology that allows direct labeling of proteins and nucleic acids with a large variety of labels and haptens, including many fluorophores, biotin, and dinitrophenol.

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GenomeLIMs: Affymetrix Expression module for GeneChip Expression Array Sample Submission and Tracking
James Hadfield, Rob Davey, Jenn Conn

We present here an online system to handle Affymetrix sample submission and tracking, job management and lab processing. Many current microarray database solutions tend to focus on post sample-processing analysis. GenomeLIMS allows recording of all sample processing steps, there are no expression data analysis functions.

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Carbon Nanotubes by Microwave Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition
M. Maschmann, A. Goyal, Z. Iqbal, T.S. Fisher, R. Gat

MICROWAVE Plasma generates radical density characteristic of 2000C at much lower effective temperature and can be highly ionized (Low pressure ECR mode) or highly neutral (high pressure mode).

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rptDB; a prototype Affymetrix .rpt QC tool
James Hadfield, Marielle Vigouroux

rptDB is a prototype database for the analysis of Affymetrix expression report (.rpt) files. Report files are widely used to QC raw data after hyb, scan and .cel file generation. Only %Present calls, Scale Factors and 3':5' ratios of housekeeping genes are generally used, but there are many other metrics that may also be of importance for QC analysis.

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Chip’N’Fish : Novel Chemical Proteomics Platform for Rapid Identification of Small Molecule Drug Candidates Against Disease-Specific Targets
György Dormán, László Puskás, László Hackler, Liliana Z. Fehér, Cesare Spadoni , Zsolt Lörincz, Tamás Jankovics, László Ürge and Ferenc Darvas

Over-expression of genes and their protein products is often the best starting point for dissecting the pathways that are responsible for the development of specific diseases.The Chip'N'Fish approach allows identifying over-expressed proteins directly from cell extracts of disease origin using healthy counterparts as controls.

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High-Throughput Automation of a Dual Reporter Assay in Low Volume 384 & 1536 Well Plate Formats
Aoife Gallagher, Brad Larson, Tracy Worzella, Michael Bjerke and Eric Matthews

The drive towards miniaturization within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology fields has created a need for liquid handling technologies that accurately deliver low volume reagents to high-density plates. This has also created a need for simple, fully scaleable assays in low volumes. Here we demonstrate the successful combination of both through the use of the Equator™ NS 808 - Eight Tip Pipetting System and the dual color Chroma-Luc™ technology.

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Miniaturisation of Liquid Handling Procedures for High Throughput Sequencing
Joe Graham, Sheila Fisher, Tracey Honan, Susan Faro and Aoife Gallagher

Deerac Fluidics Equator™ products are designed to fit a wide range of applications requiring low volume liquid handling. The products have recently been installed as part of the high throughput sequencing production process at the Broad Institute in Boston, MA, USA. This poster will describe the current process employed by Broad Institute, highlighting where the Equator™ has played a vital role in performance enhancement and cost reduction, enabling the Broad Institute to retain its position as

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Scientific News
Stanford Engineers Aim to Connect the World with Ant-sized Radios
Costing just pennies to make, tiny radios-on-a-chip are designed to serve as controllers or sensors for the 'Internet of Things.'
Lab on a Breathing Chip
Human nasal epithelial cells, cultured on a microchip, react to air pollutants just like they would in the upper airway.
Micropumps for Lab-on-a-Chip Disease Diagnosis
Reliable, inexpensive, programmable pumps could help make the diagnosis of many global life-threatening diseases easy and affordable.
Novel Chip-based Platform Could Simplify Measurements of Single Molecules
A nanopore-gated optofluidic chip combines electrical and optical measurements of single molecules onto a single platform.
Ingested Nanoparticles May Damage Liver
Although nanoparticles in food, sunscreen and other everyday products have many benefits, researchers from Cornell are finding that at certain doses, the particles might cause human organ damage.
Single-Cell Analysis Holds Promise for Stem Cell and Cancer Research
UCSF researchers use microfluidic technology to probe human brain development.
Researchers Invent Nanotech Microchip to Diagnose Type-1 Diabetes
The cheap, portable, microchip-based test could speed up diagnosis and enable studies of how the disease develops.
Revealing the Role of “Precocious” Dendritic Cells in Inflammatory Response
Discovery makes it possible for researchers to explore how these “precocious” cells escalate the body’s immune response when the body is under attack.
New NIST Metamaterial Gives Light a One-Way Ticket
The device could someday play a role in optical information processing and in novel biosensing devices.
Automating Laboratory-On-A-Chip To Cut Healthcare Costs
Computer programming language automates “laboratory-on-a-chip” technologies and has potential to improve and reduce cost of healthcare.
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