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November 2015
Scientific News
Drug May Prevent Life-Threatening Muscle Loss in Advanced Cancers
New data describes how an experimental drug can stop life-threatening muscle wasting (cachexia) associated with advanced cancers and restore muscle health.
Chemical Design Made Easier
Rice University scientists prepare elusive organocatalysts for drug and fine chemical synthesis.
Nanocarriers May Carry New Hope for Brain Cancer Therapy
Berkeley lab researchers develop nanoparticles that can carry therapeutics across the brain blood barrier.
Potential Persistent Tuberculosis Treatment
Researchers have discovered several first-in-class compounds that target hidden TB infections by attacking a critical process the bacteria use to survive in the hostile environment of the lungs.
Shedding Light on “Dark” Cellular Receptors
UNC and UCSF labs create a new research tool to find homes for two orphan cell-surface receptors, a crucial step toward finding better therapeutics and causes of drug side effects.
Giant Molecules Inhibit Ebola Infection
European researchers have designed a "giant" molecule formed by thirteen fullerenes covered by carbohydrates which, by blocking this receptor, are able to inhibit the cell infection by an artificial ebola virus model.
First Therapy Appearing to Reverse Decline in Parkinson’s
An FDA-approved drug for leukemia improved cognition, motor skills and non-motor function in patients with Parkinson’s disease and Lewy body dementia in a small clinical trial, say researchers at Georgetown University Medical Center (GUMC).
Fighting Pain with Ketamine
Researchers at the Texas A&M Health Science Center are using ketamine, a drug that already exists as an anesthetic, to treat pain.
Possible New Treatment for Neurodegenerative Diseases Found
Researchers at the University of Liverpool have found that a well-established anti-epileptic drug could also be used as a treatment for neurodegenerative diseases.
Breast Cancer Drug Beats Superbug
Tamoxifen helps white blood cells clear multidrug-resistant bacteria in lab and mouse studies.
03 Nov 2015 - 05 Nov 2015
Valencia, Spain
8th Euro Global Diabetes Summit and Medicare Expo
Drug Device Combination Products
03 Nov 2015 - 04 Nov 2015
Berlin, Germany
Drug Device Combination Products
Lab Innovations 2015
04 Nov 2015 - 05 Nov 2015
Birmingham, UK
Lab Innovations 2015
11th Annual Quality & OPEX in Pharma & Biotech
05 Nov 2015 - 06 Nov 2015
Barcelona, Spain
11th Annual Quality & OPEX in Pharma & Biotech
World Orphan Drug Congress Europe
11 Nov 2015 - 13 Nov 2015
Geneva, Switzerland
World Orphan Drug Congress Europe
11 Nov 2015 - 11 Nov 2015
Online Event
Webinar on Health And Safety: Controlling Contractors
12 Nov 2015 - 12 Nov 2015
Online Event
Webinar on HIPAA and the Practice Manager
13 Nov 2015 - 13 Nov 2015
Online Event
Webinar on EMTALA - Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act Explained
16 Nov 2015 - 19 Nov 2015
Milton Keynes, UK
Comprehensive Gas Chromatography Training (Thermo TRACE GC with Xcalibur)
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