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Monday, September 01, 2014
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Effective Fishing of Characteristic Proteome Fractions and Identification of Biomarkers Therein: Application of VisualCockpit to Multidimensional Chromatogram and MS Data
S. Kreusch, M. Nagel, R. Janetzko, G. A. Cumme, A. Winter, M. Pohl, A. Meier-Hellmann and H. Rhode

Characteristic 2D fractions are rapidly identified among thousands using interactive visualization, filtering and data mining with VisualCockpit. Biomarker candidates are found therein after identifying proteins from sequence tags. VisualCockpit correlates their concentrations, reflected by normalized MS peptide peak height sum, enzyme activity and immunoreactivity, to donor conditions.

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Simplifying the Flow of Drug Discovery Data
Dr. Jonathan M.R. Davies

Regardless of research disciplines, scientists need to easily reach the information pertinent to their research. Ideally this data access is easy. Researchers also need the ability to ‘move the data around’ to gain a better view or different perspective. This data manipulation needs to be straightforward. Incorporating the varying views and information required by different scientific disciplines is a considerable challenge.

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A 1H-NMR Based Metabonomics Study of Urine and Plasma Obtained from Healthy Human Subjects
E.M. Lenz, J. Bright, I.D. Wilson, S.A. Morgan and A.F.P.Nash

An investigation on the plasma and urine samples of healthy male volunteers designed to evaluate the variability in metabonomic data, when severe life-style and dietary restrictions are imposed.

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Metabonomics, Dietary Influences and Cultural Differences: A 1H NMR-Based Study of Urine Samples Obtained From Healthy British and Swedish Subjects
E.M. Lenz, J. Bright, I.D. Wilson1, A. Hughes, J. Morrisson, H. Lindberg and A. Lockton

Here, we describe two investigations on healthy subjects designed to evaluate the variability in metabonomic data, in view of dietary influences and cultural trends.

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Metabonomics for MolPAGE Discovering Diabetes Biomarkers
K. Magnus Åberg, Mark Jairaj, Henrik Toft Pedersen, Dorrit Baunsgaard

MolPAGE (Molecular Phenotyping to Accelerate Genomic Epidemiology) is an EU consortium with almost twenty collaborating universities and companies throughout Europe. One of the aims of MolPAGE is to find early onset biomarkersfor type 2 diabetes (T2DM) and cardio-vascular diseases(CVD).

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Scientific News
Single Enzyme is Necessary for Development of Diabetes
12-LO enzyme promotes the obesity-induced oxidative stress in the pancreatic cells.
A New Player in Lipid Metabolism Discovered
Specially engineered mice gained no weight, and normal counterparts became obese on the same high-fat, obesity-inducing Western diet.
UT Southwestern Researchers Uncover New Brain Pathways
New therapies for treating Type 2 diabetes and obesity.
Mass Spec-Based Metabolomics Workflows to Evaluate Plant Immunity
This article reviews metabolomics studies used to evaluate plant immunity with an emphasis on mass spectrometry in its many forms.
Assessing Anticancer Drugs Efficacy by Amino Acid Metabolomics
Researchers aimed to develop a method that determines the therapeutic efficacy of anticancer drugs based on the changes in amino acid metabolism at the cellular level.
Time Of Day Crucial to Accurately Test for Diseases
A new study published in PNAS has found that time of day and sleep deprivation have a significant effect on our metabolism.
When Drugs Do More Harm Than Good for Type 2 Diabetes Patients
Harm to quality of life outweighs benefits of treatment for older patients and those with negative feelings about side effects.
Inflammation in Fat Tissue Helps Prevent Metabolic Disease
The findings were first published online June 12 in Cell Metabolism.
Evaluating Acute Hydrogen Sulfide Poisoning in Rats through Serum Metabolomics
Through the use of GC/MS-based metabolomics, researchers have evaluated the effect of acute hydrogen sulfide poisoning on the metabolic profiles of rats.
Pathway Between Gut and Liver Regulates Bone Mass
Researchers have uncovered a previously unknown biological process involving vitamin B12 and taurine that regulates the production of new bone cells.
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