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Scientific News
Researchers Find Key Player in Diabetic Kidney Disease Through Power of Metabolomics
Discovery could lead to new and better diagnostic marker for chronic kidney disease.
Can Cell Cycle Protein Prevent or Kill Breast Cancer Tumors?
An MD Anderson study has shown the potential of a simple molecule involved in cancer metabolism as a powerful therapeutic.
Study Reveals Improved Way to Interpret High-Throughput Biological Data
A recent study has revealed a novel workflow, identifying associations between molecules to provide insights into cellular metabolism and gene expression in complex biological systems.
Optical 'Dog's Nose' Developed to Detect Cancer, Other Diseases
Researchers are using optical spectroscopy to develop a quick, non-invasive “breath test” they believe will have the potential to screen for a variety of diseases, including diabetes, infections and cancers.
Researchers Link Liver Disease and Drug Metabolism
Researchers have discovered that nonalcoholic steatohepatitis, an increasingly common but often undiagnosed liver disease, could have significant medical implications for people with type 2 diabetes.
Scientists Create Synthetic Membranes That Grow Like Living Cells
Chemists and biologists at UC San Diego have succeeded in designing and synthesizing an artificial cell membrane capable of sustaining continual growth, just like a living cell.
Potential New Class of Cancer Drugs
Scientists have found a way to stop cancer cell growth by targeting the Warburg Effect, a trait of cancer cell metabolism that scientists have been eager to exploit.
Team Led by TSRI Scientists Shows AIDS Vaccine Candidate Successfully ‘Primes’ Immune System
New research shows that an experimental vaccine candidate can stimulate immune activity necessary to prevent HIV infection.
The Perfect Partnership: Research & Industry; Software & Instrumentation. It really starts to come together at ASMS 2015
Collaboration and knowledge-sharing were evident everywhere: on the bus, in the hallways and in the bars. This article aims to capture this theme and share with you some of the fruits of this coming together of science and industry.
Metabolite of Cancer Drug More Effective at Treating Aggressive Tumors
Researchers have discovered for the first time that a metabolite of an FDA-approved drug for metastatic prostate cancer, has more anti-cancer properties than its precursor.
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