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Wednesday, August 20, 2014
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Next Gen Sequencing

Barcode Labellers (1)
Epigenetics (0)
Antibodies (0)Bioactive small molecules (0)
Proteins and peptides (0)
Instruments (2)
DNA systems (1)RNA systems (1)
Single molecule sequencing (0)
Sample and Library Preparation (0)
DNA sets (0)RNA sets (0)
Sample prep buffers (0)Sample purification (0)
Sequencing kits (18)
DNA kits (18)Reagents (0)
RNA kits (0)Sample prep (0)
Sequencing Software (1)
Algorithms (0)Data storage/data handling (0)
Genome sequencing/assembly (0)LIMS (1)
RNA sequencing (0)
Services (0)
Genome sequencing/assembly (0)Library services (0)
Transcriptome sequencing (0)
Scientific News
New Material Could Enhance Fast and Accurate DNA Sequencing
Nanopores in the material MoS2 sequence DNA more accurately, quickly and inexpensively.
ChIP Sequencing Kit for Next Generation Sequencing
The assay kit from Porvair Sciences extends the benefits of their proprietary Chromatrap® solid state ChIP technology.
Illumina's HiSeq X Ten Sequencing Technology for Population Studies
Next-generation sequencing technologies to be implemented at new High-Throughput Genomics Center for the MENA region.
Foodborne Pathogen Detection Speeds Up Dramatically
Next-generation sequencing techniques allow rapidly identification of strains of salmonella, quickening responses to potential outbreaks.
Sequencing Efforts Miss DNA Crucial to Bacteria’s Disease Causing Power
New research suggests that current sequencing protocols overlook crucial bits of information: isolated pieces of DNA floating outside the bacterial chromosome.
Blueprint for the Affordable Genome
Stampede supercomputer powers innovations in DNA sequencing technologies.
Ubiquitous Protein Controls Copying of Resistant DNA
Researchers have demonstrated how the protein could put antibiotic-resistant bugs in handcuffs.
Common Bean Critically Important to the Global Food Supply
The bean genome sequence provides powerful tools to improve critical food crop.
Pocket Science: New Mobile Application Enables DNA Analysis On The Go
The application analyses ab1(1) DNA sequencing files, enabling science professionals and amateur enthusiasts to engage in scientific analysis from the convenience of their mobile phones.
Gene that Causes Obesity-Related Metabolic Syndrome Identified
Yale-led research has identified a genetic mutation responsible for the cluster of cardiovascular risk factors that comprise the obesity-related “metabolic syndrome.”
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