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Next Gen Sequencing

Barcode Labellers (1)
Epigenetics (0)
Antibodies (0)Bioactive small molecules (0)
Proteins and peptides (0)
Instruments (0)
DNA systems (1)RNA systems (1)
Single molecule sequencing (0)
Sample and Library Preparation (0)
DNA sets (0)RNA sets (0)
Sample prep buffers (0)Sample purification (0)
Sequencing kits (0)
DNA kits (18)Reagents (0)
RNA kits (0)Sample prep (0)
Sequencing Software (0)
Algorithms (0)Data storage/data handling (0)
Genome sequencing/assembly (0)LIMS (1)
RNA sequencing (0)
Services (0)
Genome sequencing/assembly (0)Library services (0)
Transcriptome sequencing (0)
Scientific News
New Virus Identified In Blood Supply
Scientists have discovered a new virus that can be transmitted through the blood supply.
Far-reaching Genetic Study of 1,000 UK People
300,000 gene variants from 1,000 people made publically available via F1000Research.
DNA Alterations as Among Earliest to Occur in Lung Cancer Development
Genetic footprints of precancer detectable in some blood samples.
Targeting DNA
Protein-based sensor could detect viral infection or kill cancer cells.
Genetic Sleuthing
Sabeti team applies Ebola methods to shed light on spread of Lassa fever.
Seeking “Gold Standard” Wastewater Treatments
Metagenomic analyses lend insights into how microbes break down wastewater contaminants.
Using Genetic Sequencing to Manage Cancer in Children
A team of scientists have investigated the feasibility of incorporating clinical sequencing information into the care of young cancer patients.
Big Data Tool to Reveal Immune System Role in Diseases
Researchers from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and Princeton University have designed a new online tool that predicts the role of key proteins and genes in diseases of the human immune system.
Next-Gen Genomic Tests Identify Brain-Eating Amoeba
New UCSF center aims to make tests more affordable and accessible to doctors.
Genetic Overlapping in Multiple Autoimmune Diseases May Suggest Common Therapies
CHOP genomics expert leads analysis of genetic architecture, with eye on repurposing existing drugs.

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