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June 2016
Scientific News
What Makes a Good Scientist?
It’s the journey, not just the destination that counts as a scientist when conducting research.
Investigational Malaria Vaccine Protects Healthy U.S. Adults
Researchers at NIH have found that the malaria vaccine protected a small number of healthy, malaria-naïve adults in the U.S. from infection for more than one year after immunization.
AACR 2016: Cancer Immunotherapy and Beyond
At this year's meeting there was a palpable buzz around subjects ranging from microbiomics to the tumor microenvironment and cancer vaccines, big data to in vitro and in vivo modeling and drug delivery (to name just a few).
New Database for Sharing MS Clinical Trial Data
A new database containing nearly 2500 patient records from the placebo arms of nine multiple sclerosis (MS) clinical trials is now available for research by qualified investigators.
Study Finds Factors That May Influence Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness
Researchers at NIH have suggested that the long-held approach to predicting seasonal influenza vaccine effectiveness may need to be revisited.
BMS’s Opdivo Clinical Trial Shows Promise
Safety profile of the combination regimen from CheckMate -069 was consistent with previously reported studies and adverse events were managed using established safety algorithms.
Treatment of Common Prostate Cancer
Researchers at UTSW have found that the prostate cancer treatments suppress immune response and may promote relapse.
Cancer Drug Could Treat Blood Vessel Deformities
A drug currently being trialled in cancer patients could also be used to treat an often incurable condition that can cause painful blood vessel overgrowths inside the skin.
Structure of Crucial Enzyme Identified
Researchers at UTSW have determined the atomic structure of an enzyme that plays an essential role in cell division and better treatment of cancer.
New Immunotherapy Trial for Type 1 Diabetes
The search for a treatment for Type 1 diabetes (T1D) - which affects over 400,000 people in the UK – will be stepped up with the start of a new phase one clinical trial at Guy’s Hospital in London.
02 Jun 2016 - 03 Jun 2016
Washington, DC, USA
Requirements for Establishing an Effective Cleaning Validation Program
06 Jun 2016 - 07 Jun 2016
Hilton Edinburgh Grosvenor, Edinburgh Scotland UK
GMP Auditor Training for Quality Systems
Pharma Supply & Logistics Innovation Programme
06 Jun 2016 - 07 Jun 2016
Hamburg, Germany
Pharma Supply & Logistics Innovation Programme
Partnering ACO
06 Jun 2016 - 07 Jun 2016
Philadelphia, PA, USA
Partnering ACO's Summit
3rd Promotional Review Committee Compliance & Best Practice - Midwest
09 Jun 2016 - 10 Jun 2016
Chicago, IL, USA
3rd Promotional Review Committee Compliance & Best Practice - Midwest
EMBL Conference: Core Technologies for Life Science 2016
12 Jun 2016 - 15 Jun 2016
Heidelberg, Germany
EMBL Conference: Core Technologies for Life Science 2016
14 Jun 2016 - 16 Jun 2016
Bethesda, MA USA
Product Complaints
14 Jun 2016 - 16 Jun 2016
Bethesda, MA USA
Product Recalls
Clinical Quality & Compliance Masterclass
16 Jun 2016 - 17 Jun 2016
Vienna, Austria
Clinical Quality & Compliance Masterclass
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