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October 2015
Scientific News
Atriva Therapeutics GmbH Develops Innovative Flu Drug
Highly effective against seasonal and pandemic influenza.
Study Removes Cancer Doubt for Multiple Sclerosis Drug
Researchers from Queen Mary University of London are calling on the medical community to reconsider developing a known drug to treat people with relapsing Multiple sclerosis after new evidence shows it does not increase the risk of cancer as previously thought.
Antibody Treatment Efficacious in Psoriasis
An experimental, biologic treatment, brodalumab, achieved 100 percent reduction in psoriasis symptoms in twice as many patients as a second, commonly used treatment, according to the results of a multicenter clinical trial led by Mount Sinai researchers.
Scientists Test New Gene Therapy for Vision Loss from a Mitochondrial Disease
NIH-funded study shows success in targeting mitochondrial DNA in mice.
HIV Patients Should Be Included in Early Clinical Trials of Anti-TB Drugs
Tuberculosis is the number one cause of death in HIV-infected patients in Africa and a leading cause of death in this population worldwide.
Multi-Gene Test Enables Some Breast Cancer Patients to Safely Avoid Chemotherapy
A major study is providing the best evidence to date that a 21-gene test done on the tumor can identify breast cancer patients who can safely avoid chemotherapy.
Low Dose Beta-Blockers As Effective As High Dose After a Heart Attack?
Heart attack patients live as long – or even longer – on one-quarter the suggested dose.
Antidepressants Plus Blood-Thinners Slow Down Brain Cancer
EPFL scientists have found that combining antidepressants with anticoagulants slows down brain tumors (gliomas) in mice.
Old Drug Performs New Tricks
Cambridge-led research reveals the powers of a "wonder drug" that has lain under the noses of doctors for 50 years.
Electronic Reminders Keep TB Patients on Track With Medication In China
Giving electronic reminders to tuberculosis (TB) patients in China can reduce the amount of medication doses they miss by half, according to new research.
29 Sep 2015 - 01 Oct 2015
2nd Annual Patient Recruitment and Retention Summit Asia - Emerging Markets
01 Oct 2015 - 02 Oct 2015
Moscow, Russia
Pharma Regulatory and Business Excellence
6th Clinical Quality Oversight Forum
05 Oct 2015 - 07 Oct 2015
Philadelphia, PA, USA
6th Clinical Quality Oversight Forum
05 Oct 2015 - 07 Oct 2015
Dubai, UAE
7th Dubai Global Summit on Cancer Therapy
Partnerships in Drug Delivery
05 Oct 2015 - 06 Oct 2015
Boston, MA, USA
Partnerships in Drug Delivery
06 Oct 2015 - 06 Oct 2015
Online Event
Webinar on Science of Safe Care: Understanding Patient Centered Care
08 Oct 2015 - 09 Oct 2015
Buenos Aires, Argentina,
VI InterAmerican Oncology Conference 'Current Status and Future of Anti-Cancer Targeted Therapies'
4th European Trial Master File Summit
12 Oct 2015 - 13 Oct 2015
London, UK
4th European Trial Master File Summit
15 Oct 2015 - 18 Oct 2015
Antalya, Turkey
2nd International Congress on Stem Cell and Cellular Therapies
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