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  Events - October 2014

V International Exhibition of Pharmaceutical Industry Technologies PHARMPROM

14 Oct 2014 - 16 Oct 2014 - Kyiv, Ukraine

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October 14-16, 2014 at the KievExpoPlaza exhibition center (Kiev, 2b Saluytna str.) will be held the 5th Anniversary Exhibition of Pharmaceutical Industry Technologies PHARMPROM – professional event for specialists of pharmaceutical industry of Ukraine, CIS countries and abroad. 

Organizers: National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and LMT Company.
Event will be held with the support of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Healthcare of Ukraine, Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine, State Administration of Ukraine on Medicinal Products, National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, National University of Pharmacy.
Partners of the Exhibitions: Ukrainian Scientific Pharmacopoeial Centre for Quality of Medicines, SI; Ukrainian Pharmaceutical Institute of Quality, SE; State Training Centre for Good Manufacturing / Distribution Practice; MERCK, OCTANORM.

Structure of the exhibition PHARMPROM:
PHARM SOLUTIONS – complex solutions for pharmaceutical enterprises
PHARM RAW – raw materials and components
PHARM COLD&CLIMA – industrial refrigeration and climatic equipment
PHARM CLEANTECH – clean rooms, cleaning, medical special clothing and personal protective equipment
PHARM LAB & CONTROL – analytical equipment, instrumentation and equipment for quality control departments, laboratory equipment
PHARM PACK – packages  and packing equipment
PHARM HR – staff training and educational institutions
PHARM SERVICE – services for pharmaceutical companies

In the framework Exhibition will be held:
A Special program “Days of pharmaceutical industry”:
- Consulting Centre – qualified advices from experts of the State Administration of Ukraine on Medicinal Products
- Conferences, seminars, round tables and practical master-classes
Ukrainian Laboratory School – master-classes on operating equipment, professional consultation and education
PHARMDemo-tours – special technical excursions by the exposition which program will include presentations of equipment and devices of known brands for conducting researches at the stage of development, manufacturing of pharmaceutical drugs.
“Modern equipment and devices for pharmaceutical manufacturing”.
“Modern laboratory for pharmaceutical manufacturing”.
Buyer Program – special program for attracting high-quality professional target audience - the pharmaceutical industry professionals.
BusinessPoint Program pre-scheduled meetings between exhibitors and business visitors 
PHARMInnovation – a zone of open-scale presentations of the latest equipment and devices, innovations and projects used for pharmaceutical researches

As a related event in October 14-16, 2014 at the KievExpoPlaza exhibition center (Kiev, 2b Salyutna str.) will be held International Specialized Exhibition CleanTechExpo   “Clean rooms technologies».

Structure of the exhibition CleanTechExpo:
PHARM CleanTech – “Cleanroom Technology” for the pharmaceutical industry
MED СleanTech – “Cleanroom Technology” for health
FOOD CleanTech – “Cleanroom Technology” for the food industry
LAB CleanTech – “Cleanroom Technology” for laboratories
SCIENCE CleanTech – “Cleanroom Technology” for scientific researches
ELECTRONIC CleanTech – “Cleanroom Technology” for microelectronics

At CleanTechExpo Exhibition will be presented complex solutions for “clean rooms”, air preparation and air-conditioning systems for “clean rooms”, filters and diffusers, control systems and automation for “clean rooms”, electrical installations for “clean rooms”, equipment for the local clean areas, accessories for “clean rooms”, modular boxes, personal protective equipment, means of disinfection and cleaning and more.

In the framework of scientific-practical program will be held conferences for the laboratory industry, food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, medicine, science and microelectronics.
CleanDemo-tours – special technical excursions by the exposition 
CleanInnovation – open-space presentation of innovative developments

Organizing Committee of the Exhibition invites from 14 to 16 October, 2014 to take a part and visit 
5th Anniversary Exhibition of Pharmaceutical Industry Technologies PHARMPROM, and also International Specialized Exhibition CleanTechExpo   “Clean rooms technologies» that will be held on 
in Exhibition Centre  “KyivExpoPlaza», 2B Salyutna Str, Kyiv, Ukraine

Additional information: 
The Forum organising committee 
Tel.: +380 (44) 526-90-25, 361-07-21

Further information
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