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February 2016
Scientific News
Cancer Cells Kill Off Healthy Neighbours
Cancer cells create space to grow by killing off surrounding healthy cells, according to UK researchers working with fruit flies.
Cancer Drug Target Visualized at Atomic Resolution
New study using cryo-electron microscopy shows how potential drugs could inhibit cancer.
Genetic Mechanism Behind Cancer-Causing Mutations
Researchers at Indiana University has identified a genetic mechanism that is likely to drive mutations that can lead to cancer.
Future of Medicine Could be Found in a Tiny Crystal Ball
A Drexel University materials scientist has discovered a way to grow a crystal ball in a lab. Not the kind that soothsayers use to predict the future, but a microscopic version that could be used to encapsulate medication in a way that would allow it to deliver its curative payload more effectively inside the body.
"Gene Fusion" Drives Childhood Brain Cancers
Study co-led by Penn scientists highlights potential targets for future cancer therapies.
Enzyme Links Age-Related Inflammation, Cancer
Researchers have shown that an enzyme key to regulating gene expression -- and also an oncogene when mutated -- is critical for the expression of numerous inflammatory compounds that have been implicated in age-related increases in cancer and tissue degeneration.
Viral Gene Editing System Corrects Genetic Liver Disease
Penn study has implications for developing safe therapies for an array of rare diseases via new gene cut-and-paste methods.
Improving Delivery of Poorly Soluble Drugs Using Nanoparticles
A technology that could forever change the delivery of drugs is undergoing evaluation by the Technology Evaluation Consortium™ (TEC). Developed by researchers at Northeastern University, the technology is capable of creating nanoparticle structures that could deliver drugs into the bloodstream orally – despite the fact that they are normally poorly soluble.
Curing Disease by Repairing Faulty Genes
New delivery method boosts efficiency of CRISPR genome-editing system.
'Junk' DNA Plays Role in Preventing Breast Cancer
Supposed "junk" DNA, found in between genes, plays a role in suppressing cancer, according to new research by Universities of Bath and Cambridge.
Immuno-Oncology 360°
02 Feb 2016 - 03 Feb 2016
New York, NY, USA
Immuno-Oncology 360°
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02 Feb 2016 - 02 Feb 2016
Online Event
Webinar on The Basics of Professional Regulatory Law: Licensure and Certification, with an Emphasis on Health Professions
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03 Feb 2016 - 03 Feb 2016
Online Event
Webinar on The Write Toolkit for Medical Researchers: 10 Tips for Better Grants and Manuscripts
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05 Feb 2016 - 05 Feb 2016
Online Event
Webinar on Audits in the Health Care Industry - Getting Ready for an Outside Audit
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10 Feb 2016 - 10 Feb 2016
Online Event
Webinar on FDA New Electronic Data Capture Guidance - What is the impact on Inspectional Record Requirements
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RNAi Therapeutics
15 Feb 2016 - 16 Feb 2016
London, UK
RNAi Therapeutics
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