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Scientific News
An end To Cancer Pain? Dentistry Researcher Finds The Pain Trigger
Study identifies TMPRSS2 as potential culprit behind the most severe forms of cancer pain.
Hundreds Of Cancer Possibilities Arise From Common Skin Mole Mutation
A Houston Methodist-led team of international scientists has identified hundreds of possible new genes in mice that could transform benign skin growths into deadly melanomas.
Quotient Clinical Completes Innovative First-In-Human Program
First-in-human clinical program designed to develop an optimal oral formulation.
Results from the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Thomas Jefferson University
The Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center has published results of its work evaluating the potential for ANGLE’s Parsortix system.
Gene Variant Linked to Smoking Longer, Getting Lung Cancer Sooner
Smokers with a particular variation in a nicotine receptor gene were more likely to continue smoking for four years.
Scientists Discover Protein That Boosts Immunity to Viruses and Cancer
Researchers now developing a gene therapy designed to boost the infection-fighting cells.
NIH Study Finds Genetic Link for Rare Intestinal Cancer
Researchers recommend screening for people with family history.
Potential For Prediction Of Progression For Early Form Of Breast Cancer
Scientists in Manchester have identified a way to potentially predict which patients with an early form of breast cancer will experience disease progression.
Understanding the Behaviour of Cells in Cancer Metastasis
LaVison BioTec report on the research of Professor Kurt I Anderson and his groups' studies of cell migration in the context of cancer metastasis at the Beatson Institute for Cancer Research.
Brain Tumor Weakness Identified
Discovery could offer a new target for treatment of glioblastoma.

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