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Wednesday, October 01, 2014
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Genetic Tracking Identifies Cancer Stem Cells in Patients
Friday, May 16, 2014
The gene mutations driving cancer have been tracked for the first time in patients back to a distinct set of cells at the root of cancer – cancer stem cells.

Herpes-loaded Stem Cells Used to Kill Brain Tumors
Friday, May 16, 2014
Scientists have a potential solution for how to more effectively kill tumor cells using cancer-killing viruses.

New Stem Cell Research Points to Early Indicators of Schizophrenia
Wednesday, May 14, 2014
Salk scientists show fundamental differences in early neurons from patients with schizophrenia, supporting the theory that risk for the disease may begin in the womb.

Promethera Biosciences Announces CFO
Tuesday, May 13, 2014
Frank Hazevoets joined the Company on May 1, 2014 as chief financial officer.

Stem Cell Therapy Rebuilds Heart Muscle in Primates
Tuesday, May 13, 2014
Human embryonic stem cells used to regenerate damaged primate hearts.

UCLA Receives $4M Gift from Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation
Thursday, May 08, 2014
Two new gifts will benefit faculty in stem cell science and digestive diseases.

UK Biobank Launch Imaging Study
Monday, May 05, 2014
Project will study a wide range of common, chronic and life-threatening conditions like diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

Stem Cells From Teeth Can Make Brain-Like Cells
Thursday, May 01, 2014
Stem cells taken from teeth can grow to resemble brain cells, a finding that could be used in the brain as a therapy for stroke.

Discrepancies in Stem Cell Trial Data Linked to Reported Success of Treatment
Tuesday, April 29, 2014
New research looking at the success of clinical trials of stem cell therapy shows that trials appear to be more successful in studies where there are more discrepancies in the trial data.

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