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Wednesday, August 20, 2014
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iPS Reagents

Blue-Color AP Staining Kit
System Biosciences
Culture Kit for human ES/iPS cells
ReproCell Products
Dissociation solution for human ES/iPS cells
ReproCell Products
Dual- Color AP Staining Kit
System Biosciences
Freezing Medium for Human ES/iPS cells
ReproCell Products
Human Epidermal Keratinocytes for iPSC Construction (Kit)
System Biosciences
Human iPS Cell Line Set [HFF and iPS cells]
System Biosciences
Human mc-iPS Cell Line (nonviral, non-integrative)
System Biosciences
Laminin-5 (Laminin-332)
ReproCell Products
Mouse iPS Cell Line Set [MEF and iPS cells]
System Biosciences
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Scientific News
Suspect Gene Corrupts Neural Connections
“Diseases of synapses” demo’d in a dish - NIH-funded study.
New Blood: Tracing the Beginnings of Hematopoietic Stem Cells
Researchers uncover earliest clues yet to development of cells that produce all adult blood cells.
Clinical Trial Evaluates Safety of Stem Cell Transplantation in Spine
Phase I clinical trial is recruiting eight patients for the 5-year study.
Dramatic Growth of Grafted Stem Cells in Rat Spinal Cord Injuries
Reprogrammed human neurons extend axons almost entire length of central nervous system.
Stem Cells Show Promise for Stroke in Pilot Study
Findings are published in the journal Stem Cells Translational Medicine.
Researchers Reveal Molecular Competition Drives Adult Stem Cells to Specialize
Competition between Bam and COP9 balances the self-renewal and differentiation functions of ovarian GSCs in fruit flies.
Single-Cell Analysis Holds Promise for Stem Cell and Cancer Research
UCSF researchers use microfluidic technology to probe human brain development.
Pilot Study Shows Stem Cells Hold Promise for Stroke Therapy
A stroke therapy using stem cells extracted from patients' bone marrow has shown promising results in the first trial of its kind in humans.
Molecular Competition Drives Adult Stem Cells to Specialize
Understanding the molecular mechanisms that control the balance between self-renewal and differentiation in adult stem cells is an important foundation for developing therapies to regenerate diseased, injured or aged tissue.
Early Treatment Benefits Infants with Severe Combined Immunodeficiency
NIH-funded study identifies factors contributing to successful stem cell transplants.
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