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February 2016
Scientific News
Retractable Protein Nanoneedles
The ability to control the transfer of molecules through cellular membranes is an important function in synthetic biology; a new study from researchers at Harvard’s Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering and Harvard Medical School (HMS) introduces a novel mechanical method for controlling release of molecules inside cells.
Iron in the Blood Could Cause Cell Damage
Concentrations of iron similar to those delivered through standard treatments can trigger DNA damage within 10 minutes, when given to cells in the laboratory.
Advancing Synthetic Biology
Living systems rely on a dizzying variety of chemical reactions essential to development and survival. Most of these involve a specialized class of protein molecules — the enzymes.
Insights into the Function of the Main Class of Drug Targets
About thirty percent of all medical drugs such as beta-blockers or antidepressants interact with certain types of cell surface proteins called G protein coupled receptors.
Honey’s Potential to Save Lives
The healing powers of honey have been known for thousands of years.
Muscles on-a-Chip
This study may help explain why stem cell-based therapies have so far shown limited benefits for heart attack patients in clinical trials.
3-D Printed Lifelike Liver Tissue for Drug Screening
A team led by engineers at the University of California, San Diego has 3D-printed a tissue that closely mimics the human liver's sophisticated structure and function. The new model could be used for patient-specific drug screening and disease modeling.
Envigo Rat Models Proven to be Susceptible to Intra-Vaginal HSV-2 Infection and Protectable
Scientific findings establish the effectiveness of new approach to investigate the protective effects of vaccine candidates and anti-viral microbodies and to study asymptomatic primary genital HSV-2 infection.
Valvena, GSK Sign New R&D Collaboration
Valneva to supply process development services for EB66® -based Influenza vaccines.
Food Triggers Creation of Regulatory T Cells
IBS researchers document how normal diet establishes immune tolerance conditions in the small intestine.
01 Feb 2016 - 04 Feb 2016
Milton Keynes, UK
4 Day Comprehensive GC Training (Agilent GC with OpenLab Chemstation)
More information
Immuno-Oncology 360°
02 Feb 2016 - 03 Feb 2016
New York, NY, USA
Immuno-Oncology 360°
More information
Cell Culture 2016
02 Feb 2016 - 04 Feb 2016
London, UK
Cell Culture 2016
More information
World ADC Berlin
08 Feb 2016 - 10 Feb 2016
Berlin, Germany
World ADC Berlin
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EMBL Course: Genome Engineering: CRISPR/Cas
08 Feb 2016 - 12 Feb 2016
Heidelberg, Germany
EMBL Course: Genome Engineering: CRISPR/Cas
More information
10 Feb 2016 - 12 Feb 2016
Milton Keynes, UK
3 day Mass Spectral Interpretation
More information
2016 Pharma CI Europe Conference & Exhibition
18 Feb 2016 - 19 Feb 2016
Paris, France
2016 Pharma CI Europe Conference & Exhibition
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22 Feb 2016 - 26 Feb 2016
Milton Keynes, UK
5 day Complete GC & GC-MS
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