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Metabolism Profiling (3)Nuclear Receptor ADME Assays (0)
Plasma Protein Binding Assays (0)Redox Potential Assays (0)
Reporter Gene Assays (0)SPR Assay Kits (1)
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Immunoassay Systems (0)Incubators (0)
Microplate Readers (40)Microplate Washers (6)
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Patch Clamp Systems (3)Plate Sealers (4)
Plate Stacking Systems (1)Software (2)
SPR (1)
Scientific News
Making Personalized Medicine a Reality
Groundbreaking technique developed at McMaster University is helping to pave the way for advances in personalized medicine.
Top 10 Life Science Innovations of 2016
2016 has seen the release of some truly innovative products. To help you digest these developments, The Scientist have listed their top picks for the year.
Possible Treatment for Rare Vascular Disease
Researchers manage to reverse hereditary haemorrhagic telangiectasia in mice, if successful in humans it could lead to improved treatment for the disease.
Cracking the Code of a Deadly Virus
Researchers have exploited weaknesses in VEEV's genetic code, creating a far less deadly variant.
New Compound to Reduce Tumor Growth
Researchers at Stanford found that a new cell surface receptor they created is effective at inhibiting cancer growth in mice.
Vaccination Against UTIs
Researchers have successfully vaccinated mice against E.coli growth in the bladder and kidneys.
Toxoplasma’s Balancing Act Explained
Parasite’s method of rewiring our immune response leads to novel tool for drug tests.
Common Virus Helps Fight Liver Cancer
Reovirus, a cause of childhood colds, stimulates the immune system to kill cancerous cells.
Long-Lasting Pill to Fight Malaria
An ultra-long acting pill has been developed to offer a new hope in eliminating malaria.
Color-Coded Stem Cells
Researchers develop colour-coding tool for tracking live blood stem cells over time.

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