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Cell Culture

Cell Culture Media (8)
3D cell culture (7)Cell freezing medium (1)
Classical (0)Nutrient Mixture (0)
Other (0)Serum free (0)
Cell Isolation (0)
Instruments (0)Beads & microspheres (0)
Magnets and mixers (0)Selection kits/ depletion cocktails (0)
Cell Lines (37)
Human (5)Mammalian (0)
Other (0)Primary cell culture systems (0)
Selection Kits (16)Stem cells (9)
Yeast & bacteria (7)
Consumables (20)
Bottles (0)Flasks (11)
Flasks & caps (0)Pipette tips (0)
Pipettes (0)Plates and blocks (9)
Tubes and racks (0)
Instruments (21)
Barcode Labellers (1)Cell freezing (12)
Cell imaging and analysis (3)Centrifuges (0)
CO2 Incubators (0)Cytometers (0)
Fume hoods (0)Microscopes (0)
Nephelometers (1)Plate/tube sealers (4)
Waterbaths (0)
Reagents and Supplements (16)
Antibiotics (0)Attachment factors (0)
Buffers (4)Cell freezing (12)
Cell viability kits (0)Growth factors (0)
Other media supplements (0)Serum (0)
Scientific News
How the Human Immune System Keeps TB at Bay
Scientists create model of host, bacteria behavior in latent TB infection.
A Single-Cell Breakthrough
UNC School of Medicine scientist Scott Magness and collaborators use their newly developed technology to dissect properties of single stem cells. The advancement will allow researchers to study gastrointestinal disorders and cancers like never before.
‘Mini-Lungs’ Grown To Aid The Study Of Cystic Fibrosis
'Mini-lungs’ have been created using stem cells derived from skin cells of patients with cystic fibrosis.
Designing A Better Way To Study Stomach Flu
Texas Medical Center team aims to improve research of gastrointestinal disease.
Hearts On A Chip To Aid Drug Screening
UC Berkeley bioengineers have developed a heart-on-a-chip which can be used for drug safety screening.
Using Human Stem Cells To Identify Dangerous Side Effects Of Drugs
Scientists have developed a test that uses cells from a single donor's blood to predict whether a new drug will cause a severe reaction in humans.
Preventing Childhood Illnesses Could Stop Later Life-Threatening Infections for CF Patients
Aim of the study is to establish new methods to reduce the number of animals used in respiratory studies.
3D-Printed Guides Can Help Restore Function In Damaged Nerves
Scientists at the University of Sheffield have succeeded in using a 3D printed guide to help nerves damaged in traumatic incidents repair themselves.
Safer Methods for Stem Cell Culturing
New study from TSRI shows that certain stem cell culture methods are associated with increased DNA mutations.
3-D Engineered Bone Marrow Makes Functioning Platelets
Scalable model supports patient-specific treatments, advanced study of blood disorders.

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