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Molecular & Clinical Diagnostics

Diagnostic Biomarkers (2)
Immunoassays (2)QC Control (0)
Radioimmunoassay (0)
Diagnostic Testing Standards & Calibrators (98)
Calibrators (0)Controls (0)
Dyes (0)Standards (98)
Instruments & Systems (55)
Barcode Labellers (1)Cell Counters (0)
Chromatography (0)Clinical Chemistry Analyzers (0)
Haematology Analyzers (0)Histopathology Imaging Systems (0)
Immunoassay Systems (0)Mass Spectrometry Systems (0)
Microarrays / Lab on a Chip (0)Microscopes / Microscopy (0)
PCR Systems (6)Plate Readers & Washers (43)
Plate Sealers (4)Plate Stacking Systems (1)
Microbiology (0)
Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing (0)Microiological Media and Kits (0)
Nucleic Acid Testing (0)Quality Control Strains (0)
Particles & Microparticles (0)
Consumables & Standards (0)Flow Cytometry Particles (0)
Fluorescent and Dyes Particles (0)
Plastic & Glass Consumables (2)
Cover Glass (0)Microscope Slides (0)
Microwell Plates (0)Parasitology Collection Containers (2)
Petri Dishes (0)Transfer Pipettes (0)
Point of Care Diagnostics (0)
Scientific News
Genome Study Predicts DNA of the Whole of Iceland
Large genome databases are starting to reveal critical health information-even about people who have not contributed their DNA.
Blood Test Could Help Bowel Cancer Patients Avoid Drug Side-Effects
Manchester researchers have provided early evidence to suggest that a blood test could be used to identify bowel cancer patients that may benefit from more intensive chemotherapy.
Changes In A Blood-Based Molecular Pathway Identified In Alzheimer’s
Study identifies increased activation of the contact system in plasma of Alzheimer’s patients.
Bioinformatics Tool for Metagenome Analysis
‘GOTTCHA’ tool could aid ID of co-infections in medical samples.
Kidney Cancer Detected Early With Urine Test
Washington University School of Medicine researchers have developed a noninvasive method to screen for kidney cancer by measuring the presence of proteins in the urine.
New Test To Revolutionise Disease Detection In People, Crops And Stock
A single-drop DNA test invented by UQ scientists could revolutionise the detection of diseases in humans, livestock and crops.
DNA Sequencing Traces The Spread Of Drug-Resistant TB
Scientists have for the first time used DNA sequencing to trace the fatal spread of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis between patients in the UK.
Towards A Blood-Based Test For Diagnosing Alzheimer’s Disease
An effective blood test would be safe, affordable and easy to administer in large groups or in rural areas.
Tiny Optical Antennas: A Nano Revolution
Newly developed tiny optical antennas, which function like spotlights at the nanoscale, offer the potential to measure food safety, identify air pollutants and even quickly diagnose and treat deadly diseases, like cancer.
Blood-Based Genetic Biomarkers Identify Young Boys with Autism
Proof-of-principle method suggests much-earlier diagnoses could be done with clinic test.
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