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Sunday, November 23, 2014
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Molecular & Clinical Diagnostics

Diagnostic Biomarkers (2)
Immunoassays (2)QC Control (0)
Radioimmunoassay (0)
Diagnostic Testing Standards & Calibrators (98)
Calibrators (0)Controls (0)
Dyes (0)Standards (98)
Instruments & Systems (55)
Barcode Labellers (1)Cell Counters (0)
Chromatography (0)Clinical Chemistry Analyzers (0)
Haematology Analyzers (0)Histopathology Imaging Systems (0)
Immunoassay Systems (0)Mass Spectrometry Systems (0)
Microarrays / Lab on a Chip (0)Microscopes / Microscopy (0)
PCR Systems (6)Plate Readers & Washers (43)
Plate Sealers (4)Plate Stacking Systems (1)
Microbiology (0)
Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing (0)Microiological Media and Kits (0)
Nucleic Acid Testing (0)Quality Control Strains (0)
Particles & Microparticles (0)
Consumables & Standards (0)Flow Cytometry Particles (0)
Fluorescent and Dyes Particles (0)
Plastic & Glass Consumables (2)
Cover Glass (0)Microscope Slides (0)
Microwell Plates (0)Parasitology Collection Containers (2)
Petri Dishes (0)Transfer Pipettes (0)
Point of Care Diagnostics (0)
Scientific News
New Test Developed at Dana-Farber/Brigham and Women's Cancer Center
Rapid Heme Panel - A high-tech genetic test that speeds treatment decisions for blood cancer patients.
Urgent Need for Fast Dx to Help Tackle Antibiotic Resistance
£10 million Longitude Prize for an accurate, rapid, cost-effective and easy-to-use point-of-need diagnostic test for bacterial infections.
Test Developed To Rapidly Diagnose Bloodstream Infection
New technology can detect bacterial invaders with unprecedented speed and sensitivity.
Classification of Gene Mutations in Neuroblastoma
Penn Medicine and CHOP experts define riskier mutations in neuroblastoma, setting stage for clinical trial.
New Genetic Cause of Epilepsy Identified
San Diego girl improves after discovery of DNA mutation tied to potassium regulation.
Cancer Cell Fingerprints in the Blood May Speed up Childhood Cancer Diagnosis
Researchers found unique molecular fingerprints for 11 types of children’s tumours, to develop blood tests to diagnose these cancers.
Blood Test Developed to Diagnose Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease
New blood-test could predict a person’s risk of developing AD much earlier than is currently possible.
Genome Sequenced of Enterovirus D68
Virus has spread rapidly causing severe respiratory illness in young children, with some patients requiring hospitalization.
Rapid Test To Diagnose Severe Sepsis
A test could help doctors diagnose sepsis and begin treatment earlier.
IDT Shares Tips for Optimizing Target Capture
The article discusses improved target capture methods for increasing reliability of next generation sequencing data.
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