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July 2012
Scientific News
Computational Model Finds New Protein-Protein Interactions
Researchers at University of Pittsburgh have discovered 500 new protein-protein interactions (PPIs) associated with genes linked to schizophrenia.
Experimental Drug Cancels Effect from Key Intellectual Disability Gene
A University of Wisconsin—Madison researcher who studies the most common genetic intellectual disability has used an experimental drug to reverse — in mice — damage from the mutation that causes the syndrome.
MicroRNA Pathway Could Lead to New Avenues for Leukemia Treatment
Cancer researchers at the University of Cincinnati have found a particular signaling route in microRNA (miR-22) that could lead to targets for acute myeloid leukemia, the most common type of fast-growing cancer of the blood and bone marrow.
Bioreactors Ready for the Big Time
Bioreactors are passive filtration systems that can reduce nitrate losses from farm fields.
Analysis of Dog Genome will Provide Insight into Human Disease
An important model in studying human disease, the non-coding RNA of the canine genome is an essential starting point for evolutionary and biomedical studies – according to a new study led by The Genome Analysis Centre (TGAC).
‘Mini-Brains’ to Study Zika
Novel tool expected to speed research on brain and drug development.
Finding Factors That Protect Against Flu
A clinical trial examining the body’s response to seasonal flu suggests new approaches for evaluating the effectiveness of seasonal flu vaccines.
New Insights into Gene Regulation
Researchers have solved the three-dimensional structure of a gene repression complex that is known to play a role in cancer.
Controlling RNA in Living Cells
Modular, programmable proteins can be used to track or manipulate gene expression.
Common Class of Cancer Drugs May Not Lead to Cognitive Decline
UCLA study refutes 2015 research suggesting anthracyclines could cause memory loss, other impairments.
01 Mar 2012 - 30 Dec 2012
Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches European Seminar Series: “New Frontiers in Water Analysis”
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KOL Management & MSL Best Practice in Europe
02 Jul 2012 - 03 Jul 2012
Basel, Switzerland
KOL Management & MSL Best Practice in Europe
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02 Jul 2012 - 04 Jul 2012
Window Conference Venue, 13 Windsor Street, Islington, London, N1 8QG
Technology Transfer (3 day)
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04 Jul 2012 - 06 Jul 2012
London, UK
Hands-on Tablet Development including principles of Pre-formulation, Formulation and Process Development (3 day)
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Inducing and Breaking Tolerogenic Antigen-Presenting Cell Function
05 Jul 2012 - 05 Jul 2012
London, UK
Inducing and Breaking Tolerogenic Antigen-Presenting Cell Function
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Comparing and Contrasting Techniques that Measure Cell Mediated Immunity Discussion Forum
06 Jul 2012 - 06 Jul 2012
London, UK
Comparing and Contrasting Techniques that Measure Cell Mediated Immunity Discussion Forum
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06 Jul 2012 - 11 Jul 2012
Imperial College, London, UK
The Sixth International Meeting on Synthetic Biology
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09 Jul 2012 - 11 Jul 2012
Lake Maggiore, Italy
The Scale-Up of Chemical Processes
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09 Jul 2012 - 10 Jul 2012
London, UK
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