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  Events - September 2012

FoodMicro Istanbul 2012

03 Sep 2012 - 07 Sep 2012 - Grand Cevahir Hotel, Istanbul

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Congress headlines:

1.Global Food Safety
•    Foodborne pathogens
•    Food-borne viruses-surveillance, detections and control
•    Food-borne parasites
•    Moulds and mycotoxins
•    Consumer safety
•    Risk assesments and communication in different geographical regions
•    Nanotechnology and alternative approaches towards improving food safety
•    Microbiological quality and safety on non-pasteurized dry foods in the international trade

2. Food Fermentation
•    Moving towards multifunctional microorganisms
•    Safety and quality of traditional fermented food products
•    New approaches in food fermentation

3. Bioprotection
•    Bacteria for bioprotection
•    Yeasts for bioprotection
•    Antimicrobials

4. Food Biotechnology
•    Biotechnology in the food industry
•    New approaches in methodology
•    Development of new biotechnological process

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