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Food & Beverage Analysis
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Food and Beverage Analysis

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Food & Beverage Analyzers (2)
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Scientific News
Drinking Raw Milk Dramatically Increases Risk for Foodborne Illness, Analysis Finds
Researchers discourage the consumption of raw milk, especially by children, pregnant women and the elderly.
The Colour Of Lettuce Determines The Speed Of Its Antioxidant Effect
A study by the UPV/EHU-University of the Basque Country has explored the kinetics in the Batavia, Marvel of Four Seasons and Oak Leaf lettuces.
New Test To Revolutionise Disease Detection In People, Crops And Stock
A single-drop DNA test invented by UQ scientists could revolutionise the detection of diseases in humans, livestock and crops.
Creating A Better Wearable Alcohol Biosensor
First prize winner will be awarded $200,000.
Bump Mark - Innovative Food Label Project
Mayor of London backs innovative low carbon design with £20,000.
Milk Protein Comparison Unveils Nutritional Gems For Developing Babies
The study revealed the first comprehensive macaque milk proteome and newly identified 524 human milk proteins.
Tiny Optical Antennas: A Nano Revolution
Newly developed tiny optical antennas, which function like spotlights at the nanoscale, offer the potential to measure food safety, identify air pollutants and even quickly diagnose and treat deadly diseases, like cancer.
VU Study Finds Peanut Consumption Associated with Decreased Total Mortality
Intake of peanuts associated with fewer deaths, especially from heart disease.
Ensuring Food Safety Using Space Technology
New device can detect cesium isotopes in food samples.
Study Links BPA Exposure to Autism Spectrum Disorder
Rowan University researchers show BPA is not metabolized well in children with ASD.
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