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Scientific News
The Perfect Partnership: Research & Industry; Software & Instrumentation. It really starts to come together at ASMS 2015
Collaboration and knowledge-sharing were evident everywhere: on the bus, in the hallways and in the bars. This article aims to capture this theme and share with you some of the fruits of this coming together of science and industry.
Are Microbes the Future of Forensic Science?
Forget checking for latent prints or impression evidence, forensic scientists of the future might use skin microbiology to pin a suspect at the crime scene.
New Test Detects Drug Use From A Single Fingerprint
Research published in the journal Analyst has demonstrated a new, non-invasive test that can detect cocaine use through a simple fingerprint.
Potential Forensic Uses for Human Microbiome
A recent study suggests microbial communities found on or in some sites in an individual's body can be used as fingerprint-like identifiers.
Crime Scene Discovery – Separating The DNA Of Identical Twins
Forensic scientist Dr Graham Williams uncovers one of the DNA’s longstanding mysteries.
‘Fracture’ Prints, Not Fingerprints, Help Solve Child Abuse Cases
Much like a finger leaves its own unique print to help identify a person, researchers are now discovering that skull fractures leave certain signatures that can help investigators better determine what caused the injury.
First Atlas Of Airborne Microbes Across US
Bacteria and fungal species were identified from outdoor dust samples collected from all 50 states.
Virginia Department of Forensic Science Achieves 10,000th DNA Data Bank Hit
Senator Mark Warner now pursuing federal funding support for testing of physical evidence recovery kits.
Poisons, Plants and Palaeolithic Hunters
Dr Valentina Borgia to develop a technique for detecting residues of deadly substances on archaeological objects.
IUPUI Chemist Earns Grant to Improve Drug Screening in Forensics
$273,826 award to improve the speed and accuracy of mass spectrometry for detecting drugs and poisons.

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