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Sciformix Awarded Best Safety & Risk Management Company

Published: Monday, August 22, 2016
Last Updated: Monday, August 22, 2016
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Sciformix Corporation has been recognized as the Best Safety & Risk Management Company in the 2016 International Life Sciences Awards.

Sciformix Corporation has been recognized as the Best Safety & Risk Management Company in the 2016 International Life Sciences Awards. Sciformix was selected by a panel of experts based on select criteria for outstanding performance in areas such as customer and client reviews, services offered, previous accolades and overall company performance.

The 2016 International Life Sciences Awards, an initiative of Global Health and Pharma (GHP), celebrates the unique contributions of the life science industry and gives recognition to outstanding organizations that help to advance the field. The industry continues to bring innovative products that impact human health on a global basis in areas that cover complex and challenging medical conditions and healthcare needs. The need for strong domain expertise for these endeavors has created unprecedented opportunities for outsourcing activities to specialty providers, like SPOs, who contribute with their foundation of rich scientific expertise and optimized processes in areas such as drug safety, regulatory affairs and clinical operations.

Sciformix was selected for the award based on a case file built by GHP’s judging and research teams. This acknowledgment demonstrates how Sciformix provides “best in class” scientific services spanning the entire product life cycle from pre-clinical to post-marketing activities. Sciformix’s global and flexible service model is customized for each client’s unique needs and can be implemented seamlessly through a thoroughly mapped and automated process, built on an integrated technology platform.

The lead awards researcher for the case explained “We looked at a number of different areas when choosing Sciformix for their award. We were very impressed with their integrated approach towards drug safety.  Their continued success, such as branching into the UK last year and having a total of 1,000 employees globally was another factor that we took into consideration. Blog posts and presence at industry events also highlighted how they were continually up to speed with latest trends and developments in the life sciences sector. And of course, the other awards and recognition by other third parties was also a good indicator when making our decision.”

On the announcement of the recognition, President and CEO of Sciformix, Manish Soman, commented “We are deeply honored to be recognized as Best Life Sciences Safety & Risk Management Company, and humbled to be in the company of such innovative and accomplished solution providers.”  He added, “Safety and Risk Management is a core area of the company’s business strategy. We maintain high quality safety data, scalability and predictability by employing optimized and efficient processes, robust metrics and state of the art technology in light of the ever increasing regulatory requirements.”

Sciformix, headquartered in the US, with operations in the UK, India and Philippines, partners with life science clients to provide a full range of services from study design to post-marketing surveillance. Areas of specialization include Safety and Risk Management, Clinical Research and Post Approval Support, Medical Affairs, Scientific Writing, Regulatory Affairs and Technology services.

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