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ADME ToxMore Information
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Agrigenomics ResearchMore Information
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Biologics, Bioprocessing & BiobankingMore Information
Bio Banks / Bio Repositories | Biological Database | Bioprocess Equipment, Reagents & Consumables | Bioprocessing / Biomanufacturing | Genetic Fingerprinting | Therapeutics |

Cell CultureMore Information
Cell Culture Media | Cell Isolation | Cell Lines | Consumables | Instruments | Reagents and Supplements |

Chemical Process Scale-UpMore Information
Barcode Labellers | Batch Chemistry | Flow Chemistry | Informatics | Quality Control & Assurance |

ChromatographyMore Information
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CrystallographyMore Information
Consumables | Kits & Components | Systems & Instruments |

Environmental AnalysisMore Information
Accessories & Solutions | Electrodes and Sensors | Instruments/Systems |

Forensic Science and Clinical ToxicologyMore Information
Consumables | Evidence collection and analysis | Forensic test kits and reagents | Instruments and software | Lamps and lighting | Services |

Genomics ResearchMore Information
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Genotyping & Gene ExpressionMore Information
Barcode Labellers | Cloning & Expression | Electrophoresis | Gene Expression Analysis | Genomic Services | Genotyping Technologies | Molecular Biology | Real-Time PCR | Sequencing |

ImmunologyMore Information
Antibodies | Assays | Cell Proliferation | Immunochemistry & Immunohistochemistry | Immunology | Instruments & Systems | Therapeutics | Western Blotting |

InformaticsMore Information
Bioinformatics | Cheminformatics | Consultancy Services | Data Analysis Software | Document Management Systems (DMS) | Electronic Laboratory Notebooks (ELNs) | Free Trials | Imaging Software | Instrument Control Software | Knowledge Management | Laboratory Information Management Software (LIMS) | Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) |

Lab-on-a-ChipMore Information
Accessories & Consumables | Microfluidic Chips & Kits | Outsourcing Services | Systems & Instruments | Systems & Instruments |

LIMS & ELNSMore Information
BIMS (Business Information Management Systems) | Biologics Data Management Systems | Data Analysis Software | Document Management Systems (DMS) | Electronic Laboratory Notebooks (ELNs) | Free Trials | Instrument Control Software | Laboratory Information Management Software (LIMS) | Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) |

Mass SpectrometryMore Information
Consumables & Accessories | Instruments and Systems | Sample Preparation | Software |

Medicinal ChemistryMore Information
Barcode Labellers | Batch Chemistry | Chromatography | Compound Libraries | Computational Chemistry | Flow Chemistry | Mass Spectrometry | Outsourcing Services | Spectroscopy | Structural Biology |

MetabolomicsMore Information
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MetabolomicsMore Information
Barcode Labellers | Chromatography | Informatics & Software | Kits & Reagents | Mass Spectrometry | Research Services | Spectroscopy |

MicroarraysMore Information
Data Analysis & Software | Instruments | Kits & Consumables | Microarray Services |

Molecular & Clinical DiagnosticsMore Information
Diagnostic Biomarkers | Diagnostic Testing Standards, Reagents & Calibrators | Instruments & Systems | Microbiology | Particles & Microparticles | Plastic & Glass Consumables | Point of Care Diagnostics |

NanobiotechMore Information
Accessories & Consumables | Instruments & Systems |

Next Gen SequencingMore Information
Barcode Labellers | Epigenetics | Instruments | Sample and Library Preparation | Sequencing kits | Sequencing Software | Services |

PCRMore Information
Assays & Reagents | Consumables & Software | Instruments & Systems | Kits |

Pharma OutsourcingMore Information
Clinical Development | Commercial Services | Contract Research / Contract Manufacturing | PreClinical Research |

ProteomicsMore Information
Consumables, Services & Accessories | Instruments & Systems | Kits |

RNAiMore Information
mRNA | Other | siRNA |

ScreeningMore Information
Assays and Reagents | Compound Libraries | Consumables | Instruments & Systems | Software |

SpectroscopyMore Information
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Stem Cells & Regenerative MedicineMore Information
Cell Culture Media | Cell Culture Reagents | Cell Isolation | Consumables | Instruments & Systems | Stem Cell Reagents | Stem Cell Research |

Scientific News
The Rise of 3D Cell Culture and in vitro Model Systems for Drug Discovery and Toxicology
An overview of the current technology and the challenges and benefits over 2D cell culture models plus some of the latest advances relating to human health research.
Scientists Find Evidence That Cancer Can Arise Changes
Researchers at Rockefeller University have found a mutation that affects the proteins that package DNA without changing the DNA itself can cause a rare form of cancer.
Developing a More Precise Seasonal Flu Vaccine
During the 2014-15 flu season, the poor match between the virus used to make the world’s vaccine stocks and the circulating seasonal virus yielded a vaccine that was less than 20 percent effective.
A Peachy Defense System for Seeds
ETH chemists are developing a new coating method to protect seeds from being eaten by insects. In doing so, they have drawn inspiration from the humble peach and a few of its peers.
Fighting Cancer with Borrowed Immunity
A new step in cancer immunotherapy: researchers from the Netherlands Cancer Institute and University of Oslo/Oslo University Hospital show that even if one's own immune cells cannot recognize and fight their tumors, someone else's immune cells might.
Modified Microalgae Converts Sunlight into Valuable Medicine
A special type of microalgae can soon produce valuable chemicals such as cancer treatment drugs and much more just by harnessing energy from the sun.
Breakthrough Approach to Breast Cancer Treatment
Scripps scientists have designed a drug candidate that decreases growth of breast cancer cells.
Loss Of Y Chromosome Increases Risk Of Alzheimer’s
Men with blood cells that do not carry the Y chromosome are at greater risk of being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. This is in addition to an increased risk of death from other causes, including many cancers. These new findings by researchers at Uppsala University could lead to a simple test to identify those at risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.
Making Virus Sensors Cheap and Simple
Researchers at The University of Texas at Austin demonstrated the ability to detect single viruses in a solution containing murine cytomegalovirus (MCMV).
A Guide to CRISPR Gene Activation
A comparison of synthetic gene-activating Cas9 proteins can help guide research and development of therapeutic approaches.
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