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Antibody & ELISA Kits (133)Apoptosis & Cell Proliferation Assays (3)
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Immunotoxicology Assays (0)Inhibition Kits (0)
Metabolism Profiling (3)Nuclear Receptor ADME Assays (0)
Plasma Protein Binding Assays (0)Redox Potential Assays (0)
Reporter Gene Assays (0)SPR Assay Kits (1)
Toxicity Assays (15)
Contract Research Services (0)
ADME Services (4)DMPK Services (0)
High Content Screening (0)Toxicology Services (0)
Instruments & Systems (0)
Amplifiers (3)Barcode Labellers (1)
Chromatography Systems (1)Cytometers (7)
Electrophysiology (6)ELISA (1)
Flourescence Microscopes (7)High-Content Imaging Instruments (5)
Immunoassay Systems (0)Incubators (0)
Microplate Readers (41)Microplate Washers (6)
MS Based Systems (0)Nephelometers (1)
Patch Clamp Systems (3)Plate Sealers (4)
Plate Stacking Systems (1)Software (1)
SPR (2)
Scientific News
Personalized Screening for Ovarian Cancer
With 60% of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer dying within five years of diagnosis there has been considerable efforts to try to detect the disease at an earlier stage.
Label-Free Binding Analysis Trends
Understand current trends and learn which application areas are expected to gain in popularity over the next few years.
Regenerative Medicine Biologists Discover a Cellular Structure that Explains Fate of Stem Cells
The findings are presented in the journal Nature.
Boys More Likely to Have Antipsychotics Prescribed, Regardless of Age
NIH-funded study is the first look at antipsychotic prescriptions patterns in the U.S.
Engineering Yeast that Speaks
Scientists at the University of Washington say they have engineered yeast cells that can "talk" to one another, using the plant hormone auxin.
$1.35 Million Grant to Better Predict Flu Outbreaks
An international research team will receive $1.35 million from the Human Frontier Science Program Organization to better understand how the influenza virus passes from birds to humans.
Outsmarting HIV With Vaccine Antigens Made to Order
AIDS vaccine researchers may be one step closer to outwitting HIV, thanks to designer antibodies and antigens made to order at Duke University.
Fat, Sugar Cause Bacterial Changes that may Relate to Loss of Cognitive Function
A study has indicated that both a high-fat and a high-sugar diet, compared to a normal diet, cause changes in gut bacteria that appear related to a significant loss of "cognitive flexibility," or the power to adapt and adjust to changing situations.
Too Exhausted to Fight – and to do Harm
An ‘exhausted’ army of immune cells may not be able to fight off infection, but if its soldiers fight too hard they risk damaging the very body they are meant to be protecting, suggests new research from the University of Cambridge.
Scientists Create Synthetic Membranes That Grow Like Living Cells
Chemists and biologists at UC San Diego have succeeded in designing and synthesizing an artificial cell membrane capable of sustaining continual growth, just like a living cell.
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