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Mass Spectrometry

Consumables & Accessories (0)
Cables (3)Chillers & Heat Exchangers (11)
Detectors (0)Injectors (0)
Instrument Servicing (0)Laboratory Supplies (0)
Mass Spectrometry Standards (0)Nebulizers (0)
Spray Chambers (0)
Instruments and Systems (0)
Autosamplers (0)Barcode Labellers (1)
CE / MS Systems (0)GC / MS systems (0)
ICP - MS Systems (0)Ion Trap Mass Specs (0)
Isotope Radio Mass Spectrometers (0)LC / MS / MS Systems (0)
LC / MS Systems (0)Quadrupole Mass Spectrometers (0)
TOF Mass Spectrometers (0)
Sample Preparation (0)
Affinity Removal (0)Air Monitoring (0)
Columns (95)Isolation & Enrichment (0)
MALDI Target Prep (0)Microplates (8)
Protein Fractionation (0)Sample Filtration (48)
Sample Preparation Kits (0)Solid Phase Extraction (30)
Solid Phase Extraction Microextraction (0)
Software (0)
Identification & Analysis (0)
Scientific News
The Rise of 3D Cell Culture and in vitro Model Systems for Drug Discovery and Toxicology
An overview of the current technology and the challenges and benefits over 2D cell culture models plus some of the latest advances relating to human health research.
World’s Largest Coral Gene Database
‘Genetic toolkit’ will help shed light on which species survive climate change.
A Boost for Regenerative Medicine
Growing tissues and organs in the lab for transplantation into patients could become easier after scientists discovered an effective way to produce three-dimensional networks of blood vessels, vital for tissue survival yet a current stumbling block in regenerative medicine.
Breast Cancer Drug Hope
A drug for breast cancer that is more effective than existing medicines may be a step closer thanks to new research.
Scientists Find Evidence That Cancer Can Arise Changes
Researchers at Rockefeller University have found a mutation that affects the proteins that package DNA without changing the DNA itself can cause a rare form of cancer.
Developing a More Precise Seasonal Flu Vaccine
During the 2014-15 flu season, the poor match between the virus used to make the world’s vaccine stocks and the circulating seasonal virus yielded a vaccine that was less than 20 percent effective.
A Peachy Defense System for Seeds
ETH chemists are developing a new coating method to protect seeds from being eaten by insects. In doing so, they have drawn inspiration from the humble peach and a few of its peers.
Fighting Cancer with Borrowed Immunity
A new step in cancer immunotherapy: researchers from the Netherlands Cancer Institute and University of Oslo/Oslo University Hospital show that even if one's own immune cells cannot recognize and fight their tumors, someone else's immune cells might.
Modified Microalgae Converts Sunlight into Valuable Medicine
A special type of microalgae can soon produce valuable chemicals such as cancer treatment drugs and much more just by harnessing energy from the sun.
Breakthrough Approach to Breast Cancer Treatment
Scripps scientists have designed a drug candidate that decreases growth of breast cancer cells.
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