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Medicinal Chemistry

Barcode Labellers (1)
Batch Chemistry (84)
Accessories (6)Batch Reactors (10)
Baths & Circulators (21)Calorimeters (6)
Chillers & Coolers (17)Flasks & Vials (0)
Pumps (0)Thermostats (24)
Chromatography (169)
Capillary LC Systems (0)Columns (95)
Consumables & Accessories (48)GC Systems (0)
GC/MS Systems (0)HPLC Systems (25)
LC/MS Systems (1)Media (0)
UHPLC Systems (0)
Compound Libraries (1)
Compound Management (0)GPCR (0)
Ion Channel (0)Kinases (0)
Natural Products (0)Protease (0)
Protein-protein Interaction (1)
Computational Chemistry (0)
Cheminformatics (0)QSAR (0)
Structure Based Design (0)Virtual Screening (0)
Flow Chemistry (82)
Accessories (2)Accessories & Consumables (3)
Baths & Circulators (21)Chillers & Coolers (17)
Log P Systems (0)Micro-reactors (0)
Mixer Blocks (1)Modules (0)
Pumps (24)Reactors (14)
Thermostats (0)
Mass Spectrometry (16)
Autosamplers (0)CE/MS Systems (0)
Consumables & Accessories (11)ESI Mass Spectrometers (0)
LC/MS Systems (3)MALDI Mass Spectrometers (0)
Quadrupole Mass Spectrometers (1)TOF Mass Spectrometers (1)
Outsourcing Services (31)
Analytical Services (11)Chemistry Support (0)
Custom Synthesis (0)Discovery Services (11)
Process Scale-Up & Development (9)
Spectroscopy (2)
IR/FTIR (2)IR/FTIR Consumables & Accessories (0)
NMR (0)NMR Consumables & Accessories (0)
RAMAN (0)RAMAN Consumables & Accessories (0)
UV/VIS/NIR (0)UV/VIS/NIR Consumables & Accessories (0)
Structural Biology (1)
Crystallography (0)Formulation & Solubility (1)
NMR (0)Protein Production (0)
Scientific News
Hookworm Genome Sequenced
UMMS sequences hookworm genome; may lead to new treatments for tropical disease.
DNA Reveals Surprise Connections Between Britain and Europe 8,000 Years Ago
New evidence shows wheat reached Britain 2,000 years before the arrival of wheat farming.
A Gene For Brain Size - Only Found In Humans
Following the traces of evolution: Max Planck Researchers find a key to the reproduction of brain stem cells.
A Faster, Less Expensive Way To Analyze Gene Activity
Yale researchers have devised a method that could reduce the time and cost of analyzing gene activity.
Alzheimer's Disease Linked To Heart's Effect On The Brain
Theory suggests that Alzheimer’s Disease has its origin in the heart and vascular system.
NIH Announces $41.5 Million in Funding for the Human Placenta Project
Better understanding of the placenta promises to improve the health of mothers and children.
New Nanodevice Defeats Drug Resistance
Tiny particles embedded in gel can turn off drug-resistance genes, then release cancer drugs.
On Time, On Target
A novel tool could help personalize cancer treatments.
Garlic Could Aid Cystic Fibrosis Fight
A chemical in garlic kills bacteria that cause deadly infections in people with cystic fibrosis, University of Edinburgh research shows.
3D-Printed Guides Can Help Restore Function In Damaged Nerves
Scientists at the University of Sheffield have succeeded in using a 3D printed guide to help nerves damaged in traumatic incidents repair themselves.
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