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Molecular & Clinical Diagnostics

Diagnostic Biomarkers (2)
Immunoassays (2)QC Control (0)
Radioimmunoassay (0)
Diagnostic Testing Standards & Calibrators (98)
Calibrators (0)Controls (0)
Dyes (0)Standards (98)
Instruments & Systems (55)
Barcode Labellers (1)Cell Counters (0)
Chromatography (0)Clinical Chemistry Analyzers (0)
Haematology Analyzers (0)Histopathology Imaging Systems (0)
Immunoassay Systems (0)Mass Spectrometry Systems (0)
Microarrays / Lab on a Chip (0)Microscopes / Microscopy (0)
PCR Systems (6)Plate Readers & Washers (43)
Plate Sealers (4)Plate Stacking Systems (1)
Microbiology (0)
Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing (0)Microiological Media and Kits (0)
Nucleic Acid Testing (0)Quality Control Strains (0)
Particles & Microparticles (0)
Consumables & Standards (0)Flow Cytometry Particles (0)
Fluorescent and Dyes Particles (0)
Plastic & Glass Consumables (2)
Cover Glass (0)Microscope Slides (0)
Microwell Plates (0)Parasitology Collection Containers (2)
Petri Dishes (0)Transfer Pipettes (0)
Point of Care Diagnostics (0)
Scientific News
Acoustic Tweezers Device Expands the Range of X-ray Crystallography
A microfluidic device that utilizes ultrasound waves produced by piezoelectric transducers.
UGA Researchers Discover Potential Treatment for Drug-resistant Tuberculosis
Researchers have developed a new small molecule drug as a treatment against multi-drug resistant tuberculosis.
UGA Researchers to Use Crowdsourcing to Track Harmful Algal Blooms
CyanoTRACKER is a ‘Neighborhood watch system for Georgia waters’.
Fighting the Colorado Potato Beetle with RNA
RNA interference protects potato plants against herbivore attack.
A Protein's Novel Role In Several Types Of Cancers Discovered
Stanford ChEM-H scientists are helping to develop a novel cancer therapy based on a new finding of a protein that inadvertently promotes cancer growth.
New Molecule Could Slow The Progression Of Parkinson’s
University of Bath researchers have designed a molecule that, if developed into a drug, could slow the progression of Parkinson's Disease.
Boy or Girl? Lemur Scents Have the Answer
A new study finds that a pregnant lemur’s signature scent depends in part on whether she’s carrying a girl or a boy.
Safer Methods for Stem Cell Culturing
New study from TSRI shows that certain stem cell culture methods are associated with increased DNA mutations.
New Genomics-Driven Surveillance To Track Crop Diseases
New genomics-driven surveillance strategy to tackle emerging and re-emerging crop pathogens that threaten global food security.
Scientists Uncover New Role for Neurotransmitter that Helps Fight Infection
Scientists have shed new light on the complexities of the immune system that could help develop vaccines to boost natural defences against disease.
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