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October 2016
Scientific News
Nanosensors Could Determine Tumours’ Ability to Remodel Tissue
Researchers design nanosensors that can profile tumours, focusing on protease levels.
1960s Antibiotics Show Promise for TB Therapy
Research suggests antibiotics introduced in 1963 to treat bacterial infections show promise for tuberculosis therapy.
Insight into Eye Diseases
Scientists recreate zebrafish cell regeneration from retinal stem cells in mice.
Analysing 10,000 Cells Simultaneously
New techniquethat traps 10,000 cells on a single chip has potential for cancer screening for individuals.
Studies Explore the Science of Cardiovascular Diseases
Two studies highlight how basic science research insights are key to future treatment breakthroughs.
Stem Cell ‘Heart Patch’ Almost Perfected
Scientists aiming to perfect and test 3D "heart patches" in animal model, last hurdle before human patients.
Using Stem Cells to Grow a 3D Lung-in-a-Dish
Researchers have created 3D lung-like tissue from lung-derived stem cells. The tissue can be used to study lung diseases.
MRI Guidance Aids Stem Cell Delivery
Scientists have delivered stem cells to the brain with unprecedented precision, infusing the cells under real-time MRI guidance.
Mechanisms of Parkinson’s Pathology
Defects that lead to cells’ failure to decommission faulty mitochondria cause nerve cells to die, triggering the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.
Advanced Lymphoma in Remission After T-Cell Therapy
63% of trial participants who recieved two-drug combination chemo plus intermediate dose of engineered T cells went into complete remission.
2nd Annual Single Cell Analysis USA Congress
03 Oct 2016 - 04 Oct 2016
Boston, MA, USA
2nd Annual Single Cell Analysis USA Congress
03 Oct 2016 - 05 Oct 2016
Atlanta, GA, USA
International Conference and Exhibition on Surgical Oncology
04 Oct 2016 - 04 Oct 2016
Online Event
Training on HIPAA Compliance Officer 2016
05 Oct 2016 - 05 Oct 2016
Online Event
How to Ensure a Successful Health Care Systems Implementation 2016
11 Oct 2016 - 11 Oct 2016
Online Event
Being Prepared for a HIPAA Audit 2016
4th Annual Single Cell Analysis Asia Congress 2016
11 Oct 2016 - 12 Oct 2016
Singapore, Asia
4th Annual Single Cell Analysis Asia Congress 2016
Bioprinting & 3D Printing in the Life Sciences Europe
13 Oct 2016 - 14 Oct 2016
Cambridge, UK
Bioprinting & 3D Printing in the Life Sciences Europe
13 Oct 2016 - 14 Oct 2016
ACC, Liverpool, UK
ELRIG Drug Discovery 2016
25 Oct 2016 - 26 Oct 2016
Boston, MA, USA
Single Cell Genomics and Transcriptomics USA Congress 2016
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