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SCIEX, SCIEX 7500+, SCIEX 7500plus, Quantitation. LCMS analysis, Mass Spec, Mass Spectrometry, drug discovery, triple quadrupole, triple quad, LCMS methods, food and beverage testing

The New SCIEX 7500+ System

Setting a new standard for instrument resilience.The SCIEX 7500+ system takes precision quantitation to the next level. Achieve accurate results over sustained periods of time, across thousands of sample sets in increasingly complex matrices. Studies can be delivered in shorter timelines with the confidence to tackle new and emerging challenges.

The newest triple quad in the SCIEX family to launch at ASMS 2024 builds on the legacy of high sensitivity and stable quantitation SCIEX is known for...The SCIEX 7500+ system offers improved user-serviceability and increased robustness for a wide range of sample types and workflows.

The system has two hardware features that increase resilience to testing dirty and complex samples: the DJet+ assembly and Mass Guard technology, which together, reduce the risk of downtime due to contaminating ions.

Additionally, customers will benefit from faster MRM switching speeds when duty cycle is important for sample throughput.

The impact: Maintain our highest levels of sensitivity for up to twice as long in complex matrices, and develop resilient assays for even the most complex matrices. Increase the scope for large MRM panels with our fastest triple quad ever and take control of your instrument downtime with front-end user serviceability.