Leaf-Inspired Photomicroreactor Could Power A Step Change In The Chemical Industry


We talk to Dr. Tim Noel about work and inspiration behind his group's latest design, a photomicroreactor.

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Neurons Signal Spinal Cord Vascularisation


A study in zebrafish reveals neurons play an important role in signaling blood vessel growth.

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Optimization of a Vacuum Ultraviolet Photoionization source for GC used with a High Resolution TOFMS


-Tune solution allows optimization of ion source parameters for
both proton transfer and direct ionization
-Independent ionization processes exist for M+ and MH+
-Optimizing for dopant signal intensity yields inferior results
-Degree of fragmentation remains relatively constant over a
range of source conditions

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The 3 Biggest Challenges of Drug Discovery


The path to discovering new drugs can be long and difficult.

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Octet® HTX System

Featured Product

The Octet HTX instrument monitors up to 96 biosensors simultaneously, enabling label-free detection for protein quantitation and kinetic characterization at unmatched speed.

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MIT develops 3D Antibody Array

MIT develops 3D Antibody Array

Biosensors containing up to 100 stacked layers of antibodies offer greater sensitivity.

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Protein Discovered that Protects Against Fatty Liver

A team of scientists at the Institute for Research in Biomedicine and the IDIBAPS Biomedical Research Institute has revealed the capacity of the CPEB4 protein to prevent fatty liver disease

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New Method to Analyze the Scattering of Electrons in Nanocrystals

Scientists from the Institute of Physics of the CAS have developed a new method to analyze the scattering of electrons in nanocrystals.

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Lily Buy CoLucid And Acquire Migraine Drug

Eli Lilly announce purchase of CoLucid pharmaceuticals for $960m. They also acquire their late stage migraine treatment, lasmiditan.

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