Neurodegeneration Linked To Concussion


Researchers provide evidence that mild traumatic brain injury is associated with greater neurodegeneration and reduced memory performance in people genetically at risk of Alzheimer's Disease.

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Optimization of a Vacuum Ultraviolet Photoionization source for GC used with a High Resolution TOFMS


-Tune solution allows optimization of ion source parameters for
both proton transfer and direct ionization
-Independent ionization processes exist for M+ and MH+
-Optimizing for dopant signal intensity yields inferior results
-Degree of fragmentation remains relatively constant over a
range of source conditions

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The Chromium™ Genome Solution

Featured Product

The Chromium Genome uses the power of Linked-Reads to fully resolve genic phasing, reveal structural variation and detect variants in previously inaccessible and complex regions of the genome.

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Electrochemical HPLC Detection of Sugars in Foods and Beverages


Ade Kujore talks about electrochemical HPLC analysis in food analysis.

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10 Failed Scientific Predictions


Here we take a look at some of the most famous scientific predictions that were shown to be a little wide of the mark.

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Immunotherapies Transfer-in To The Brain

Immunotherapies Transfer-in To The Brain

Researchers from Uppsala University have exploited the Transferrin receptor to overcome the blood brain barrier. 100-fold increase in antibody penetrance opens up new avenues for immunotherapeutic treatment of brain diseases.

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Choreographing the microRNA-target Dance

The microRNA pathway is critically important to health and disease, serving as a kind of volume control for genes, dialing down the expression of specific proteins.

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Omicia Acquires Spiral Genetics

With this acquisition, Omicia adds secondary NGS analysis and
structural variant capabilities.

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Enteris And Sanofi Combine To Treat Diabetes

Enteris' Peptelligence™ drug delivery platform is to be used in a feasibility study by Sanofi to deliver their Type 2 Diabetes treatment.

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