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Characterization of Pollen Samples with the Morphologi® G3SE

Some of the most frequent inhalant allergens from the natural environment are present in pollen grains and a wide range of pollen source material is used in the production of immunotherapy or diagnostic products as well as in allergy research. 

The clinical efficacy of allergy diagnostic products is highly dependent on the composition of the active allergen source material chosen. Therefore, it is highly important to effectively characterize source material during the manufacturing process. Traditionally, manual microscope methods have been employed for controlling the purity of the products and to identify foreign particles such as spores and foreign pollens.

The Morphologi® G3 automated particle characterization system is an analytical tool that provides microscope quality images and delivers statistically significant data through the rapid analysis. Thousands of particles are analyzed with little or no user intervention giving significant savings in time and labor compared to manual microscopy work.

The system can be used to analyze different types of pollen as will be described in this case study.